1. The issue is you see these opposite of just. God is the master of life and death. Combine that with all men being sinners and the merits of sin are death, then logically it is only his love and forbearance keeping us alive you see? What we deserve, all of us, through strict justice is death.

  2. I can understand why you feel that way. I think reflecting on these matters is a good way to reflect on what we, as sinners, strictly speaking, deserve and the greatness of God in his love and mercy in comparison.

  3. Thank you for making my point for me. It's an educational text assuming a certain foundation and audience. Those lacking these foundation can misunderstand. I'm not sure why you feel this is context independent.

  4. Maybe reevaluate your responses in context of the original post.

  5. There were many practices allowed in the Old Testament that are no longer. That said, Joseph also had Mary to help him discern. We do not.

  6. I am an adult server. I understand people feel that it better respects our Lord for the clergy to distribute. However, we regardless of our state, never merit to touch much less receive Jesus. Graces are unmerited gifts from God.

  7. Addiction is complicated. Many of the things an addict does are grave sins. Only God knows whether they are mortal or not as addiction impairs the will. Let me give you the advice i was given when I sobered up years ago. Start a Marian devotion. She will help you if you are ready to change.

  8. Ever been in a really old Cathedral? Like one dating a few centuries. There are usually large open spaces for the laity to stand. People stood and knelt on the floor.

  9. I think you mean decriminalization for drugs. This is a different thing than legalization. Decriminalization is to simply remove the criminal penalty which arguably isn't actually helping at the user level. If they're legalized that would mean production and distribution etc would become legal. That is not what you mean I think.

  10. We do not know where someone is with any certainty. It's better to pray than not. Besides could God not make use of them anyways?

  11. You can't avoid remote cooperation with evil. It's not possible. Banks loan money for all sorts of reasons, not all of them moral. This has always been true. I bet the fact your grocery store pharmacy sells birth control and Plan B does not stop you from buying groceries either.

  12. Yes it has to be invoked. However infallibility has to do with faith and morals. So dogmas and moral teachings. Not pastoral documents

  13. Using the catechism revision and his own words elsewhere, can you show us where room is left for situations where the death penalty is a moral option?

  14. The letter from the congregation for the doctrine of the faith addresses this and affirms there is no conflict with previous magisterial teaching. They say this explicitly. Paragraph 7 and 8 are particularly germane.

  15. A routine confession should only take a few minutes. After that it depends how father is chatting

  16. Why would it be necessary? Unlike baptism, communion is not necessary for salvation (accounting for baptism by blood and baptism by desire)

  17. Well communion is necessary for baptized adults per Ludwig Ott's fundamentals of catholic dogma by precept. The logic being you cannot maintain a state of grace for any length of time without it. However, that presumes the person has access to it and that their baptism happens sometime before their death.

  18. What does he mean by "necessary" in that case? Is it more like logical necessity or more like necessary in the sense of being proper/conducive to a certain end?

  19. Relative necessity in light of the need to maintain a state of grace and satisfy church precept. Not an absolute necessity like baptism.

  20. Why don't I feel the Holy Spirit's presence in my life or in my heart after I go to confession? Why are my prayers not effective? Have I committed the unforgivable sin?

  21. Remember what we discussed last time? Perhaps God's answer is simply No to your prayer regarding this treatment.

  22. Children below the age of reason are not culpable for their sins. They are still fully capable of sinning. Augustine laments about the sins of his youth in The Confessions.

  23. That sounds like you're saying that they're impractical now - but that in theory the RCC would not be against these kinds of laws. At least it's not some doctrine against it. Am I understanding you correctly?

  24. There is no doctrine against this type of law, which means the church wouldn't be against such laws categorically.

  25. I'm not sure this is accurate. Askapriest may be a better sub, you'd need to do a search in the catechism.

  26. Like I said above, create a distinction between legal unions and marriage. These are not the same thing. Marriage is a sacrament and right now civil society considers both marriage and legal unions to be the same. Getting this difference enshrined into law would be a great victory.

  27. I think you should really go to a catholic or eastern catholic mass. Your post implies a catholic mass is an option. Schismatic groups like the orthodox are not in communion with rome. As a catholic, that's an issue.

  28. I wouldn't attend primarily to fulfill my obligation. I study religion at university and I am curious to how the orthodox liturgy looks like. I am also simply curious as a catholic. I've been to one or two years ago, but I was attending as a member of a choir so I didn't get to watch properly.

  29. In short, it won't satisfy your obligation. Academic attendance as an observer is certainly permitted, like it is for protestant and other services. That is a key word, as we cannot participate.

  30. From what you said, there isn't a sin here. We can control our actions, and it sounds like you took the correct one. There cannot be full consent of the will given how it was imposed on you and how you properly reacted. But I would liken this to a thought properly dismissed. You could not control its coming but you got rid of it, thus not even a venial sin.

  31. We've had some really bad popes. In the middle ages they did have political power and they did abuse it. In recent times, the popes have no political power at all. Not over Catholics or anyone else. They are spiritual leaders, not political leaders. They are the head of state of Vatican City, but that doesnt really entail political power of the type I think you mean.

  32. Man, sites like Goodreads or Amazon are not the places where you can judge the quality of classic works of literature as they were a Game of Thrones book.

  33. Did I say that? No but it does give one an idea of the accessibility to the average reader.

  34. I don't like to read, but I've listened to City of God on Librivox and I enjoyed it. (More so than the Confessions I think.) You probably do need to know a little about Roman myth and folklore going into it, and Neoplatonism too, or else you might not know what he's talking about half the time.

  35. Exactly. Otherwise, they will be lost. Its no longer the norm to have that background either these days.

  36. I did the googling so you did not have to, the links for what specifications actually exist are below. I would suggest that OP looks at the pictures to make sure the actual mounting options correspond to their conception in this question as I am not sure that's the case. The Grommet mount appears to be limited to a range of desk thicknesses and the actual steel piece is very small. That is, there is no larger steel pole as conceived of by OP unless they are removing the original fixture and modifying it.

  37. It's possible that this person is the child of an Anglican/Episcopalian convert priest... but...

  38. Given the lack of basic knowledge in context of the extravagant claims, and whatnot, that's rather unlikely. Trolling seems the probable case. I think the mods agree as the threads been deleted.

  39. I agree with your assessment on a lack of basic knowledge + extravagant claims is suspicious, but I think it was removed because of this: AMA's without approval of the Moderators are banned.

  40. I think we cannot say with certainty unless a mod posts their reasons. But yes that's a possible reason. Pretty much all bad faith engagement gets removed as well.

  41. After almost dying several times, I realized that it could happen at any moment and there was nothing I could do about it. After that, I just stopped worrying about it. Now? I do not wait to repent. I live my life in spite of the possibility and other than that I simply trust God.

  42. I think it helps to remember God is outside of time. The story goes St Padre Pio was praying and his doctor asked him what he was praying for and he answered: "I'm praying for the good death of my great-great grandfather." The doctor said, “but he died more than one hundred years ago!” Padre Pio replied, “Remember that, for God, there is no past and no future and everything is present. So God made use, at that time, of the prayers I’m saying now.”

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