1. der ist seit letztem Jahr nicht mehr Präsident 😅

  2. Don’t know if it’s a repost for this sub but somebody just posted this to

  3. Sieb „verkehrt rum“ auf den Topf - bleiben die Nudeln im Topf, das Wasser aber raus.

  4. Yeah, he keeps shouting them out as real friends and has a tattoo.

  5. Both brothers are on German TV quite often and seem waaay more healthy and collected than him. If they are actually good friends, I’d be surprised.

  6. Hope they don’t close their eyes while driving 70 mph …

  7. Did you not watch the episode? It’s one of the many right wing messages hidden in there.

  8. He’s aged 30 years in the last 10 years. He was a good looking guy, too.

  9. Ich arbeite zu den SDG und kann bestätigen, dass wir uns eigentlich nur an der unteren Grafik orientieren.

  10. It’s on DAZN, but rumour has it you might find it for free on Dailymotion …

  11. What's with all this 'step into the ring' stuff? Did Bam start taking boxing classes and suddenly start believing he's a capable fighter?

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