1. Hunting wildlife near Snowfield Stable, Seal-riding in Gerudo Desert and Cutting Grass to grab frogs / grasshoppers!

  2. At first you will probably feel weapons break too often and you may develop "gear fear" (fear of using your equipment because it will break). The game offers more weapons than you will ever need. After some time, you will come across a repeatable event related to the moon that will reset everything on the surface, meaning weapons will respawn. There are also a few spots where you can farm weapons indefinitely.

  3. Feeling lost is not bad , literally the game is about exploring the wild. Check out places that look interesting, see what you find. You will come across settlements and cities often. If you feel something is hard like climbing a really tall mountain or fighting a strong foe, don't exhaust yourself trying, leave and come back when you're stronger

  4. Use the Ice Arrows you get in Great Plateu to one shot a couple Fire Wizzrobes (there are a few around Outskirt Stable). Grab a Horse. Travel all the way to Snowfield Stable in Hebra Region. Equip the Warm Doublet and a Fire Rod (you won't die out of cold with these two). Hunt animals for Gourmet Meat and hit the Ice Lizalfos with a fire blast from your rod to insta kill them.

  5. Same here. If last week's fiasco, which is still not completely solved, wasn't enough now this. Cipsoft really wants to test our patience

  6. I just returned this last friday after 3 weeks of MIA due to work, what happened last week? Lol

  7. Only use email authentication if you want to get hacked, use the app

  8. Is it really that insecure? Like hackers will attempt to hack my email just to access my tibia acc?

  9. Depends on color and gender (I assign gender depending on how the horse looks)

  10. Easy first choice is Highland Stable it is right near the Ancient Saddle and once you have it stables are less important. Stable also has Phanna who can equip the Ancient Saddle. Highland Stable is only one of four stables this can be done so that narrows it down. I stream competitive BotW races with a friend and this is the one most used in all race scenarios since getting the Ancient Saddle is a must, we'd be backtracking too much without this stable.

  11. Ohh that’s very interesting! I didn’t even know there’s such a thing as competitive racing!

  12. They meant the one by dueling peaks

  13. Huh for some reason I thought about how Tabantha Bridge is built in two mountains cut in half lol, compeltely forgot about Dueling Peaks

  14. Socialism finally hit Tibia eh…

  15. Had to check it up, name’s Karith. He is a Ship Captain, I spawned beside him on the second floor of his ship

  16. I like him too, and felt really sad when I had to end him. To me, he and Blaidd were the best npcs of the game, I couldn’t care less for the “maidens”, way too bland for me.

  17. Bones can also be used to create bone knives

  18. Fun tip: you can farm them from large boulders with a sledgehammer or a pickaxe. And you dont need 2 to make a knife, you can make the knife by standing near any larger rock or boulder poking out of the ground and if the stone is in your hand you can sharpen it.

  19. Screwdriver also gives you small stones when used on a rock:)

  20. You’re no longer a Freshie when you are not worried about starving anymore. In my book, it doesn’t matter if you have weapons, if you haven’t satisfied the initial hunger, you will still act like a freshie, desperate and willing to kill anyone in your path for survival.

  21. Community Vanilla mostly, sometimes I play DeathMatch when feeling like practicing my firearm skills

  22. You won’t get better at vanilla if you play modded. You WILL get much better at modded if you already mastered vanilla

  23. As you make it sound, you invest more time in your aim than other things. Val is more than just shooting:

  24. First off, thank you for replying to this. As for the picks, I don't have many agents unlocked.. The only thing I occasionally do is pick brim when our team lacks smokes, otherwise I just pick the agent I'm the most confident with. I watch a lot of val tutorial vids, and to be honest they don't help much if you can't pull off the basic things, which I sometimes can't. Also it's virtually impossible for me to know 100% of anything as lvl 20. I'm trying to analyse the situation every time, but my decisions might not always be the best. I'm totally cooperative and try to give good comms, And once again it comes down to my mentality or something, that weird mental state that I get while playing, where I don't feel concentrated or relaxed at all, I honestly just feel stressed or something, and it worsens my performance a lot. And by the round 6 I just feel tilted and sad as I can't do anything to help my team win, so it gets even worse than it was before. I just feel useless all the time and my desire to start a new game is basically unexistent after 1 or 2 games. The most depressing thing is not seeing any improvement in your own gameplay when you're trying hard.

  25. Hmm, it does sound like some sort of unfocused mentality, remember that at the end of the day, this is a game. There are no real stakes, even in ranked. Games are supposed to deliver entertainment and fun, if this game makes you feel anxious or depressed, maybe you should reconsider playing at all.

  26. Lucky you weren’t teleported directly into the sky:-)

  27. Haven’t played Valo in a while, but I’ve been hearing/reading this exact complaint quite a lot, so it seems like this game is suffering the same issue as League of Legends: smurfs everywhere.

  28. Sorry to hear man, it sure sucks! That’s why I don’t team up, I help people with supplies and that’s it, at the end of the day in DayZ I can only trust myself

  29. There’s only one type of 308 and it’s the 308WIN in DayZ, unless you’re playing modded

  30. I would never cook in a location like this. It's an invitation to agressive people. Passive people will stay away from houses with smoke comming out.

  31. Agreed my friend, I was gonna starve soon though, so I had to take the chance. Tbh, I really thought that guy was gonna be friendly too, such a disappointment when it went down bat vs fist

  32. Just so you know. Starvation kills very slowly. I was able to run as freshie from svetlo to biathlon arena without getting any food. Don't be afraid of red flashing apple.

  33. I guess it’s the fear of not finding anything later on and dying, I’m used to eat until apple is white or full before I travel to inland. Usually works for me:)

  34. Clearly the first weapon was a 5.56. It' pretty clear to me that you're pretty new to the game and don't understand consequences so i recommend that you watch a dozen beginner guides. (A dozen equals 12 you twat!)

  35. Sorry, I don’t understand the reference. He didn’t get hit by 5.56 though, his modded vest tanked 380ACP, that’s why he lived and hence my comment

  36. The second dude tried to take you down with a skorpion, it’s perfectly normal for you to be alive

  37. Pistol + Pistol + Pistol

  38. Now that guy will post “logged into server and I was already dead, these hackers make DayZ impossible to play”.

  39. Haven't played in awhile, that update sounds like dogshit. I gotta hunt 2 hours to find an item that's fucking damaged??

  40. Infected in hunting zones now may drop gun cleaning kit, you gotta find the gun you like, then farm the item to repair it

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