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  1. I didn't know the answer either before seeing this post but now I have another question, what's the difference between a SD and SD EX ?

  2. Nearly all of the XX stories are alternate timelines; they happened, but they didn't necessarily happen in the timeline that we've been on since Overture. Since Bridget is a bounty hunter at the start of Strive, we can conclude that the whole entertainer thing didn't happen in this timeline (much like Baiken didn't become a serial killer, Potemkin didn't die protecting Gabriel from a bomb, etc).

  3. I would agree but Bridget has some intro lines that implies that they were an entertainer at some point , there also the Bridget bio in xrd and rev if I remember correctly also mentioning Bridget working for Jam.

  4. I’m not really that concerned over them using past numbers. I’m more into the idea of revealing as many new numbers as they can.

  5. Frozen lady justice, hope woven shark and nightmare shark are all manga cards. Cards that didn’t exist till the anime was already nearing its end or ended

  6. I think Akari in the first season is involved a good amount in the first half. I think her best episode is when Yuma tries not to tell her or his grandma about parent day at school. It’s made clear in the first season she trying to be both a big sister and mother to Yuma which I think really was a wasted opportunity to not explore Yuma family more.

  7. Poor tori has to deal with Yuma 4(5 if you count a certain barian that abused Yuma) boyfriend

  8. Shark, Kite, Trey, Astral, Vector. Those the ones you meant? Because I would also include Alito.

  9. I still feel like they are grossly exaggerating the strength of this deck…

  10. I want you to notice they aren’t actually saying what the deck is doing against other tier decks rather what it does and it’s “potential”

  11. It’s green, most people pick ki or punch but if you’re on offense pick green. It never fails

  12. I think it’s fine that super quant haven’t made a meta impact, not all decks have to. It’s a very fun deck that can hold it own and I appreciate that more than enough(that being said if it came out in Zexal era it be given it proper opportunity.)

  13. Wow another Ciel(I’m joking, it’s cool Mash is in the game but god I don’t like Ciel remake design also guess Sion still on the bench.)

  14. Let's compare which Yugioh protag is the most dense:

  15. Maybe this is an unpopular opinion but Legacy Duels seem like hot garbage, ngl. Mai/Harpies have absolutely no win condition

  16. You clearly haven’t fought a good Harpie player

  17. Yeah and paradox brothers weren’t launch either

  18. Zexal cast for the most part are like 14. Dextra tho, she's fine and 19

  19. Oh you’re right I always thought Dextra and Nistro were the same age. Weird

  20. I kinda forgot Shirou was in the hospital and met his mentor there similar to Shiki

  21. Stardard dimension: Spell counter pendulum with village of the spellcaster Fusion dimension: Shadoll and village of the spellcaster Synchro dimension: Fortune lady with village of the spellcaster and mystic mine Xyz dimension: onomat….. with tons of anti spells.

  22. Master Duel players begging for more anime related content

  23. Bro I’m begging for more good non anime content from master duel

  24. ……. Earthbound at least have general protection cards and are good enough for ending games. Running 1 isn’t as bad as what is required in malefic. You need the monster in question, a field spell on the board at all time, not to brick your hand with said monster and not to get mst as soon as you drop down the field spell. At least in dl you can play earthbound immortal for a turn and just grab a quick game from it.

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