1. One time, during residency, I got a needle stick and had to check in. I ordered the labs and wrote the note for myself. I then, about a month later, got a press gainey survey to rate myself.

  2. Not a huge power ranger fan, we a bit to old when it came out. However I do like that, when my kids got into it, I learned that none of the reboots were “reboots” but just a continuation of the story at different times places, and they often brought the “old” rangers in for cameos.

  3. Check out this paper if you have access: Xylazine intoxication in humans and its importance as an emerging adulterant in abused drugs: A comprehensive review of the literature (Ruiz-Colon et al).

  4. Podiatry has done this as well. What started out as shoe salesmen taking x-rays at the department stores (chiropody) has turned into a four year doctorate with a mandatory three year residency and fellowship opportunities. It's wild that chiro hasn't gone in that direction, but I think they lean so heavily into the homeopathic and herbal side that it won't happen.

  5. Which is crazy to me, because I've never personally seen a chiro that pushes that stuff. All physical manipulation, stretches and exercises. They are crazy in the rest of the country, according to this sub. All the herb stuff goes hand it hand with massage places here.

  6. Right now? Not being able to have my primitive science ships just to a system and complete research projects.

  7. I had a voice pager when I was an intern at the VA in 1988. Everything was on paper of course. Woe be unto the intern that didn’t have the x-ray folders for rounds.

  8. OP I'm sorry you feel the elderly are not human.

  9. There are pharmacy robots that trundle around the hospital and deliver meds. Only to the floor, but they could be retooled pretty simply to deliver to the patient.

  10. You mean the ones that are constantly stuck in the hallway for no damned reason?

  11. Yeah and a bridge that collapses with you on it does not have a Legolas moment where you run up the falling bricks onto solid ground. A bridge collapses, you fall. I understand the high stats and such but that doesn't make you literal supermen.

  12. In what? The amount of people running around with 18 Dex or strength at level one does not mean there are level one adventurers who can outrun Bolt.

  13. Of course. There are many situations that shear mental or physical ability can not overcome.

  14. Don’t blame him. Nixion nearly got murdered for trying to out the deep state.

  15. Would love a source to read up on this, haven't heard it before

  16. Militaristic/materialistic/authoritarian science directorate. Peaceful observation of aliens and non interference, we uplift those who reach a certain level.

  17. Sorry mate. We’ve all seen Earth: Finial Conflict. We know what’s up, Taelon.

  18. Briterland, ninja was seen as being assassins, foreign ones at that, so was judged as inappropriate for children in angleland so they called them hero turtles instead.

  19. If you work as an EMT on a rig, 90% chance you'll be stuck doing IFT (inter facility transfers.) How do you feel about being the transport for dialysis patients?

  20. Dialysis runs in an ambulance are nearly always Medicare/Medicaid fraud, and reputable companies won’t touch them with a 10 foot poll.

  21. With that "paramedic program that is less than two years...also shouldn't be licensed," I'm curious what is your input in regards for EMT programs. The one I'm currently in is 5-6 hours each class, twice a week from basically February 1st to May 15th; the day we take our finals & have done our practicums.

  22. EMT classes are somewhat different (and the problems with them are fairly universal). Teaching outdated material. (Cough, backboards), not teaching tourniquets as first line treatment a decade into this century), not enough hands on on skills.

  23. I don't exactly have a choice. Not all of us are good enough at the game to completely dominate the Galactic Community.

  24. Ah. We’ve all been there. The game isn’t super intuitive.

  25. I mean, I have 1500 hours in the game. I'm just a filthy casual.

  26. Not sure where I’m at. I’d guess there. Definitely the same myself.

  27. But that's the reality. Me and the wife have run the numbers. We'd be far, far better off divorced...

  28. These are the areas who will be most hostile to immigrants. People with the ‘wrong’ skin color at accent could be in very real danger from hate groups.

  29. Starting with this origin, you start with access to extra fleet that can destroy Grand Admiral at start. Paradox gives you the federation fleet and two allies, I think Paradox also wants us to do rushes to conquer the AI. Otherwise, what do you think the intended goals are? Bring the Federation Fleet to colonize?

  30. Ya they’ve earned leeway imo. It’s a fair trade, strong community interaction in exchange for measured community reactions.

  31. I agree they’ve earned leeway. So much infect that I’d not care if they ignore this bug for months, as long as they promise to be working on the hand/spaceship bug.

  32. Primitive civs are supposed to have a 5% chance to nuke themselves every year, but they accidentally changed it to having a 5% chance of nuking themselves every month

  33. To be fair between say…1958 to 1987….5% a month seems about right.

  34. Why would you want to Do this horrible thing and nerf your empire.

  35. This is useless. It doesn’t even include key metrics like re-introduction of wholly mammoths to the Arctic.

  36. Like RAaaaaAaIiiiIiiiIIinnnnnnn on your wedding day…..

  37. Chat gpt can't transfer a patient from the stretcher to the table.

  38. Using online sources, which is something we all do, doesn’t absolve doctors of responsibility for quality of their medical advice, management, decision making, etc. I struggle to see how leveraging AI or any other resource would change that.

  39. This is a nice thought, but let’s be honest: chat GBT is going to be the new mid level with independent practice.

  40. That should reduce their opinion of you dramatically instead of slightly increasing it imo.

  41. If you don't have other ships to salvage you get like 20-40 credits worth of profit if we take the lowest internal market price for the materials as the base cost.

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