1. Bro that’s so much wrestling! The wrestling multiverse is about to break! 🤧 You also forgot to mention NXT Stand and Deliver

  2. I'm not into the new NXT but since it's WM weekend, I'll check it out. I do wanna see the last two specials. I don't watch any WWE unless it's a PPE. Sometimes I'll watch clips of Raw or Smackdown

  3. lk79 says:

    Sami is getting one of the following

  4. I’m gonna take a page from a poster above but instead of deal with NJPW, how about Noah?

  5. Yeah I messed up with that when I wrote this up. Should’ve double checked lol

  6. He's only 27, so we can expect at least another 5 years of All-NBA level play barring injury, especially given his style. During that time he'll continue to put up absurd numbers.

  7. I don’t think it’s a weaker era as that makes zero sense. I think the playing style and rules make it easier to get number but more weak? Nope

  8. I'm not the only one thinking it buddy. Sorry to hurt your feelings. I wish I could provide you with a tissue.

  9. You’re fcked up in the head if you think about people getting hurt

  10. I really wish I can give you a tissue. It's called a joke boy scout, it's pretty common for people to joke about players getting hurt. I'm sure Bucks fan were ecstatic about Kyrie and Harden getting hurt.

  11. I'll be asleep by the time LeBron breaks the record if it happens tonight

  12. I think greatest ever at anything is very subjective due to all the associated variables. On one hand there are alot of what-ifs like health or age upon entering the league. I'm not a LeBron fan but in his defense he's not the only person in the history of the league to have the advantage of entering the league out of HS at 18.

  13. there are so many stories from that god forsaken school i could share that would blow your mind. absolute fever dream of a high school experience

  14. Cam Thomas imo was this good even last season. Idky Nets didn’t increase his playing time until recently this season

  15. LeBron isn’t in the office 20 hours a day working those trades…

  16. You do understand the LeGM stuff is a meme and he simply gives input on available deals right? All those trade negotiations with teams around the league and number crunching is actually very intense especially during deadline. There’s a high paid staff for that..

  17. Because Lebron the GM comes with Lebron the player. Imagine if a normal GM could sign a top 2 player of all time, how many chips would they win?

  18. He’s a 4 star prospect whose ranking has only gotten better throughout the past year, and has offers from multiple top-tier colleges. Even if he wasn’t Lebron’s son - which in and of itself makes this NBA relevant - he’d still be a low-end NBA prospect

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