1. I was just talking about this with my son yesterday, I’ve never seen cannon balls for sale at a vendor, but he was swearing he has.

  2. From what I’ve figured out, you need to obtain the Broadsider first in order to find vendors selling Cannonballs.

  3. After I get that Fortifying Synth Armor, I think it’d be proper to get myself a Legendary Sledgehammer with a seriously damaging effect. Every single Raider would be calling me Mr Overkill when they see me stomping in with my Quantum X-01 power armor and that armor.

  4. They’re basically doing the polar opposite of what Germany did after WW2 and The Holocaust. They taught about the Holocaust extensively, built museums outlining all of it, prosecuted the Nazi leaders at the Nuremberg Trial and persecuted Nazis even to this day. These people in Florida are basically doing the polar opposite of that, giving bigots the tools they need to cover up the bad parts of their history so they can then call themselves the heroes or some BS like that.

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