1. Well at least we know why they were so laid back on trying to win tonight.

  2. Both Alberta teams had 5 goals scored on them tonight… but only one team didn’t get shutout.

  3. The boys played a full period down a man… hopefully they got that out of their system now

  4. Nah he’s not playing how he usually does. Prob star struck by McDavid. Jesse, McLeod and Yammo were the same initially too

  5. Sure, on any other night. Of course tonight would have to be the night he decides to stop everything that is thrown at him... ugh

  6. I wonder if this can apply to legal cannabis products. Those are a massive waste of single use plastic not to mention stupidly excessive costs for legal producers

  7. You can literally take a look back after Edmonton signed him and some fans in THIS sub saying he was too injury prone, not worth the money, etc etc

  8. People said that contract won't age well, which i still think it wont. But Toronto LOVED Hyman.

  9. " you'll humour this" will you? How charitable of you.. I bet you are a real hit at parties with that style

  10. Ah, so maybe McDavid would leave Edmonton to get another Art Ross or Hart Trophy and consider it a success. I see.

  11. Man Evander Kane looks like such a bully.

  12. Interesting that he cropped Virtanen out lol

  13. He knows taking photos of him and Jake fishing together is a PR nightmare right now

  14. Check Puljus IG.. Kane cropped him out lol

  15. If McDrai want Pooly on their lines. He’ll be on their lines. If they don’t, he won’t.

  16. He’ll prob swap in and out with with Foegele or possibly get looks on the first line if Yammo struggles.

  17. Wait what? It was 4-2 in the 3rd with like 4 mins left and I turned it off. FML

  18. Anyone lose money on betting the Oilers would score 7 goals and McDrai wouldn’t have any?

  19. Rumour has it Holloway plans to take an IG picture of him eating a bison burger while sitting on a pile of hats and staring deadpan into the camera…

  20. That’s based on the old model, the new model for the budget addresses that which is what I was referring to and puts Edmonton more in line.

  21. The new model for the budget locks in increases. There's no cuts in the new model. If we're already spending more, and we don't reduce spending, how exactly will that bring us in line?

  22. As someone who has worked as a bartender and a server, I’d say the quality of tipping has more to do with the customer’s personality than it does their actual income.

  23. Man, Sutter’s sons must need some insane therapy from their childhood with how direct he his with criticism

  24. Downtown Winnipeg and possibly Downtown Los Angeles (by LA Live) are two of the most sketchiest places I’ve been that rival Edmonton’s Downtown (97 St area especially)

  25. that person is white and has never been to southside Chicago have they

  26. I haven't really noticed Samorukov one way or another during this preseason. That's probably a really good thing right? I wonder if he's quietly making a case for himself to stick on the roster.

  27. It’s possibly a good thing if he gets waived back to Bako so he doesn’t get snagged

  28. Condors will have a solid team again this year. Look forward to seeing XB continue to develop!

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