I am tired

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  1. I can’t begin to imagine how you’re feeling but you need to be easier on yourself. You’re carrying the weight of something you literally have no control over. It sounds like you have an amazing and caring partner to help with your precious babies.

  2. IMO Start by eating light for the day as to not ruin any preparation you make 😬

  3. My wife says I'm to big💔💔👎👎 but so has most of my other partners. I'm only 8 and I'm careful and slow but they still no want😥

  4. As for 3.), usually your first two times, you get a tenured phlebotomist. You have to remember that your phlebotomist is a human, and can potentially make mistakes. Hematomas are a risk even for the most senior phlebotomists. They happen, unfortunately. How frequently they occur severely depends on the type of veins you have - something that you cannot change. Middle veins in your arm are easy, sideways and forearm veins are more difficult. Deep veins or rolling veins are a struggle for some. During your initial questionnaire/physical, they should go over all the potential side effects (including death) with you.

  5. Once a cheater always a cheater. Your fiancé deserves to know the type of person you are

  6. I’m curious as to what you do to show r experienced those situations? 👀

  7. I don’t exactly want to end up on the wrong side of this subreddit LMAO

  8. I honestly can’t see how “tossing” that out there would be a bad thing. Some dudes ears will perk up like mine. Or they suck

  9. honestly, my vibrators are usually scattered throughout my drawers and on my bed 💀

  10. Same!! But I’m trying to be better and figure out a better solution lol

  11. I would really like to be pegged by a group of women (3-5) :)

  12. Honestly, when guys send me a dick pic I look at everything else in the picture. I’m looking at composition, lighting and over creativity.

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