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  1. This is so cool to see what could possibly be there organisations that perhaps started life itself !!

  2. I've done a bit of cleaning up, brightening and so forth and I just can see anything there unfortunately

  3. "I am a kind gentleman" ?! More like a narcissistic pervert 🙄

  4. Please do. I really need it for my research. But, if the name of Jesus works, why aren’t you a Christian? Why not just believe in the gospel if entities can be cast out with his name?

  5. Iv seen ppl who were non religious use the name of Jesus in absolute terifying situations where they were non believers. Myself I'm not a believer in heaven or hell. I do believe there is a higher power of some sort but the way I see it, everything on our planet, even the universe, is made of electricity . . When it comes down to it, so are entities. Hence why ghost hunters use EVPs and EMFs. They can conduct energy as well, and our ghost hunting equipment can pick it up. I believe there is another realm (or an alternative universe that is lined up with our world) and some of these entities can cross back and forth between the two and other entities are stuck where they are. Think of it this way, crystals from our planet are used in the atomic clock bc crystals have THE perfect time keeping measurements and they pulse at the exact same time all over the world. I have one crystal that is so strong that I can feel the energy just flowing thru me , it's THE most insane feeling I've ever had when it comes to crystals !!

  6. Okay, how do crystals expel or keep demons at bay exactly? Are there any sources you can link so I can read up on this? I don’t wanna keep bothering you haha.

  7. Also, there's some real ghost hunting videos that explain when where and why they use the crystals to protect themselves... One of three group of goat hunters for an email attachment from a demon who called herself Mary, and when he kept the crystal close, he had less issues than when he wasn't carrying it

  8. It's just Maca, try some ZMA or Longjack 100:1 with it for libido purposes

  9. It's not just the libido purposes tho, I'm looking for the other added benefits that Maca can offer

  10. Umm source of information? Is it from a scientific study or just some website?

  11. I spent the entire night looking at sources of every kind, so it would be hard to pinpoint an exact link of source but I looked into reviews, actual info from sales sites, science sites, I even went as far as researching ancient Peruvian methods .. and I did this for prob 6-7 hours the other night

  12. Short backstory, my husband lost his grandson to cancer less than a year ago, he was only 8. The whole situation was so bad that we weren't even informed of his passing until a week after. For context, I've been with my hubby for almost 20 years now, a year after him and and ex seperated, him and I started dating and it drove her so mad that for 6 years straight she continued to make false police reports and false accusations against him just out of spite, and unfortunately his 2 daughters had to live with her poisoning their minds with lies about him and it's a really huge mess right now. His oldest daughter (grandson's mother) won't even talk to him anymore.

  13. That makes 100% sense and does sound like it my two friends that are with me arent religious or anything they are all about the afterlife and stuff me on the other and is a Christian and beforehand prayed for just some protection against whatever was in their but thank you for replying sorry for such a late response

  14. No worries at all, but I just want to wish you light and love in any other adventures you go on 💕 protection is key !

  15. Please be weary about having your house blessed by a priest or shaman. In my research, I've tend to find that things will feel much lighter for a few days to a few weeks and will then come back ten-fold. This isn't always the case but i've seen most cases it is. You say your in-laws are a very traditional Japanese family and keep lots of Talismans and protective barriers around the house. Myself, I would try that first. If in case you see this msg too late and you get the blessing done and things seem calm, bring on all the Talismans you can and take as much advice from your in-laws as you can.

  16. And one of my favorite birds in New Zealand .. just don't wear green around then bc the only male left of the species will try to shag ya 🤷‍♀️🤣

  17. Hey, so u wanna sign up for FREE ALCOHOL SAMPLES with Bevtri ? Delivered straight to my ur door !! I've been doing this for a few years now and have received several samples ... Just start off with the sign up page, then you'll be directed to customize your profile to what type of alcohol you'd be interested in receiving, and then you just have to periodically check back to see if and when you finally match with a certain alcohol.

  18. WTF is wrong with you ppl, I came on this sub to show off my excitement bc of I've never gotten a diamonds bracelet FROM MY HUSBAND OF 20 YEARS ... Y'all are fucked !! Have fun taking away pplz' joy you nasty, mean ass fucks

  19. Ecuse me ?! I'm not some high maintenance bitch who's some gold digger type ... This is literally THE very first time I've ever gotten jewellery like this.. so you can fuck right off with your bullshit

  20. Having a piercing so close to hair, always seems to cause issues when it comes to healing... If you're going to change jewellery, you should have been going with stainless steel from the beginning (apologies if you have) but you'll want to get L36 surgical stainless steel. And again, why not try getting some amoxicillin and see if that infection will try to kick itself with the help of the amoxicillin.. if that doesn't help, I would highly recommend to remove the piercing and just let it heal. If you go with the amoxicillin, I would recommend to use peroxide and clean it every single day remove any of those crusty little pieces that usually come up around piercings and then use a cotton swab with peroxide and keep it clean like that, also I may suggest putting some polysporin on it when you're about to go to sleep, you don't have to put a whole lot on there but just enough to cost the openings and then remove it in the morning... Again, if none of this works I highly suggest to remove the piercing and let it heal over. I had to go through the same thing when I got my industrial done and I managed to get amoxicillin I had to stay on top of the aftercare and I managed to save the piercing. But, you have to do your very best to keep your hair away from your piercing because the oils from your hair will help to cause an infection so you must do your very best to keep your hair away from your piercing at all costs. My suggestion is to keep that side put up with a bunch of bobby pins until you are able to get that healed. Most of this info comes from a tattoo/peircing artist whose been in business over 35 years.

  21. I would definitely clarify it to be paranormal, I've seen many videos (even security videos where they'd go back to go over them) and end up discovering what they see to be a black mass just hovering in the daylight and then move along and disappear.. this could be very well something you saw

  22. Perhaps you may want to find your happy place, something like a safe wooded area nearby it somewhere peaceful where you live and just soak in the nature around you, possibly even mediate ? I dunno if those bat a possibility for you but it certainly can be one

  23. Geezus Christ.. I'm sooooo glad that those kids were on there nose with this guy !!!!

  24. I think the best place to start is “how to spell penny”. After that it takes a bunch of reading to familiarize yourself with the process and develops a plan. Play with small money until your plan is more concrete and go from there.

  25. Why are so many ppl so stuck up on spelling mistakes .. seriously, it's a pandemic when it comes to one single misspelled letter 🤦🏼‍♀️

  26. Thanks for the info 🙂 would you be able to point meet in the right direction of where I could find and create a fake investment account. Like should I just google fake investment accounts or something like that ?

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