1. My condolences for your losses, this must be an incredibly stressful time. I'm really sorry that you have to go through this without the support of your partner - you deserve better. To be frank I don't know if I could get past this if it were me - he's lying to you and burying his head in the sand when you and your child's wellbeing are at stake. He's not doing his part and not even trying. At best I'd have a sit-down with him and let him know what's at stake with this conversation. Which is his family. Give him one last chance to come clean and help you or you're out the door, I guess.

  2. Thank you that's very kind. Both were very sudden and traumatic and I'm waiting for therapy (I have CPTSD and depression, I also had PPD for just over a year) because of this I feel I have no self worth and I feel like a failure, even though I know I'm not the one failing.

  3. Always tell my husband to be honest with me but he will still keep things. They don't want to tell the truth as they don't want to disappoint but the destruction they leave by not telling is worse. Sending love.

  4. Yes and it's like they don't understand. I've told my husband we need to have a talk tonight about all of this. So will update once we have spoken.

  5. Ok shes a wrong red flag. I'm so sorry but how narcissistic of her! You can't change the last byt you can control the future. Block her and forget about her. Trust me, you will start to feel better sooner then you think.

  6. As a woman going through this but from your wife's point of view. (You can view my post from my profile). Please just be open and honest. Speak to her. Explain what led up to it and the actual truth of it. Then communicate an action plan.

  7. He sounds like an ex. How disrespectful. Honestly it hurts now but he has shown you no loyalty going to his brother like that. Better to be the adult and leave him.

  8. Why is he staying at her house? How are you ok with this OP. He doesn't respect you or the marriage. Girl get him thrown out with the trash.

  9. This is disturbing on many fronts. If a 14 and 17 year old find this type of behaviour not only acceptable, but humorous, their outlook on life is warped and they could turn seriously dangerous. They are headed down a dangerous path, what next could be deemed funny? Physical abuse? Disgusting.

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