1. Which of these non-Cheney lunatics is polling ahead? I mean, they're all suffering from various levels of insanity ... how does anyone even tell the difference between them?

  2. They’re so unoriginal. All the anti-Biden stickers these shitkickers plaster on their cars are just anti-trump ones with the name swapped out.

  3. me either, not since I saw him dressed in a brown morph suit crawling through a giant rectum to show an audience of morons how poop is made.

  4. This is that whacko on twitter whose posts are always shared. Can’t remember her name now. I scrolled through her FB feed and found the picture she uses. She really hates gay people and I’m embarrassed she’s from near Philly (too close to me).

  5. I’m straight and an Ogre (kinda dumb sometimes), what about this ad is promoting an agenda? I see very fashionable people, in an ad for a store that is pretty fashionable. Am I missing something? I know she’s a horrible person, but I’m not seeing anything that separates people based on their sexual preferences. Just some attractive young people in an advertisement about fashion.

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