1. I would love a MH where you are send from the guild to rebuilt a village destroyed by a monster, and every gathering quest allow you to build infrastructure of the village, then urgent quest could have more pressure because there would be risk that the monster could destroy some buildings. That is of course complete fanfic XD

  2. Icejade adventurer with therion (the aqua one) basically two archetype to balance the icejade setup, and lot of smart play needed to make it work, but it actually manage more than i though, recently added a lot of handtrap to still be able to dirsupt to not have to much the break through

  3. Ids player telling me that i cannot both special summon ecclesia and activate her effect on summon (just one of them)had to call a judge without being seeming rude because i see him every two weeks, just didn’t like to be taken for stupid

  4. Hmm, maybe. After all, we won't be getting the Ishizu cards for a while, so Tearlaments won't be as busted as they are in the OCG. Splight lacks Maxx "C", and indirectly suffers due to Droplets and DRNM being very popular in the TCG. And we also have Adventurer at full power and Emergency Teleport at 3. Maybe PK Adventurer could also finally have its time to shine in the TCG thanks to the new r3nk.

  5. Spright are of this new format one of the deck needing the least draw power, they have several ways to bring their monsters without rellying on that, exosister on another hand, is pretty slow, and even tho it works correctly in anti meta, it will suffer from the lack of draw power.

  6. I would rather have this kind of balance than those two powercreeps IMO

  7. True, but Splights will be almost Tier 0 by that point. And by November, we'll just get another Tier 1 or maybe the new Tier 0 deck. Ishizu Tearlaments is literally super freaking OP, I don't know what was Konami thinking while creating the Tearlament archetype in general

  8. Of the tearalement base in POTE we were still having a pretty much shaddoll on steroid, still deqlable but pretty good, with ishozu support and their support in DABL they completely unbalanced it, and made it powercreep

  9. Based on effect of card i was wondering if we eould not start to have pendulum, one of the rlore reason would be as we already saw, the icejade making weapon to counter abyss, so after this new tuner we would have a pendulum synchro, maybe later with spriggans/therion we eould have a pendulum xyz… i liked a bit the idea of him coming back to all the character that they met and each of those archetype receiving a boost by joining him to save eclesia

  10. https://docs.google.com/document/d/18wx4m_CrLZfne-kadUEzwUCnSGbKpvxUyFKS8gZIH-s/edit

  11. How is searching a dead gamma the same as searching a live maxx c? That's not even worth grabbing what it will be dead because you have a full board

  12. No one said its the same, it is, as said, an exemple

  13. A terrible example, no one is going to chose a dead gamma in hand instead of a live red or carrot for an additional negate. That's just not a play that would ever happen

  14. No one talked about replacing carrot or red, but about possible replacement of max c, chill

  15. It only shows that ishizu is the only thing keep tearlament being the majority of meta, a shame is that the tearlament will be more likely hit first by any banlist

  16. A more relevant comparison would be the atrocious Monster Hunter movie produced by Paul W Anderson.

  17. Yeah that would be hilarious… if it existed

  18. I think it's the Ishizu cards that made Tearalaments broken because they actually weren't much of a threat to Splights beforehand even though they can be tier 1 without the Ishizu stuff.

  19. Completely agreeing, pure tearlament is consistent but not as completely blocking as splight or the mix with ishizu cards.

  20. If it help, someone translated most of the lore in the Valuable book EX2

  21. What is his goal tho? Aluber wants to take Albaz's powers for himself, but what was Maximus' deal in all this?

  22. Godhood, in the lore Maximus is some sort of cult leader and the dogmatika law shows a bit about his intention of ascending to godhood, Aluber and Albaz are just tools for his true goal

  23. I think the card is fair you pay 2000lp no matter what and cannot special summon after

  24. Not likely on this next one IMO (DIFO has predaplant support) but surely on the next one

  25. Predap isn't even using verte. I think they will ban it now.

  26. They can have a good synergy with Virtual world, you can also focus on the synchro part more too with other support, the engine is really adaptable

  27. Wow the new icejade is mo ye and Aegerine fused? (we can see mo ye as this humanoid top in the middle)

  28. Wasn’t mo ye killed by longyuan? And that’s why he has her sword? I could be wrong though

  29. From translation of the valuable book ex 2 it seems like the swordsoul swords are made from their soul, Longyuan was the master of Mo ye and had (in secret) two sword, his own and the one of Mo ye, its a bit unclear if he killed her

  30. Icejade, Mayakashi/shiranui (we are getting close tho), Solfachord, S-Force

  31. I think staple cards are good and healthy for the game, but staple engines like adventurer and dpe are not.

  32. Honestly i think the adventurer one is overrated a bit, yes it is good but you still need to pass through several risky move to place it, dpe is literrally like red-eyes fusion a one card risk and bam

  33. Interesting stuff that ocg people point out a lot of the art make direct reference to generaider, in a way making sense why all them are call “boss”

  34. Oh, I'm very sad that Russia is getting ready to seize more of Ukraine. It's pretty tragic. I'm just very pessimistic the US and Europe would be willing to fight a global war over Ukraine.

  35. WWII started over invasion of Poland, it could be a similar trigger =/

  36. I can give you an example of what this is referring to:

  37. I don't get how it isn't, the deck is pretty weak for current format, this give it a chance to handle much more

  38. This card is way to busted for no reason. That activation condition is laughable.

  39. for a deck which has a very limited amount to almost no monster doing quick effect this is extremely well though and balanced

  40. Some of those small bits mor elooking like dots are sometimes naturally on the commons cards and are probably default from the cardboard, when it start to look like not a dot but more of a dot with some lines, its probably some lightly played marks When opening pack you can check commons, they can have those little dots, but its mostly always looking the same, and you can really tell the difference with the other kind of marks( same with lines over foil, if its perfectly straight and light it could be factory default but anything else is surely a human action)

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