AITA for holding on to my boundaries in relationship?

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  1. I was 12 living on St Croix in the US Virgin Islands. We saw the rocket leave the earth. Watching that and the landing on tv, then watched the reentry streak across the sky from our porch. I was enthralled.

  2. You’re joking? In Trump world, women and girls are completely disposable.

  3. Don't buy a horse for it's color. Don't buy a yearling when you have never owned a horse before. Full. Stop. First horse should be a well-trained horse. Preferably around 10 or so. You have no experience. You want a horse that has more experience than you do. That will help you grow as a rider.

  4. I kept on telling people that every girl in my generation has my damn name.

  5. Although I could see the titles of the posts, I couldn't see the text. Plus, no avatars.

  6. So you send these horrible guys to someone else's house? What happens if some poor woman gets raped because of you? Unless you are sending him to an address that you know is something like an industrial building with no humans there, yours is an incredibly stupid idea.

  7. Seriously. If this was outdoors and I was near a garden hose......

  8. They are a hybrid variety of mini bell peppers that have been out for around 4 years. They are really pretty and not bad tasting.

  9. Depends on what state you are in. Each state has different laws on compensation. In CA for example, compensation is full replacement value. Meaning the company offering the compensation is obligated to find several cars in your area with the same specs to determine the price. My uncle who is majorly in the car world turned me on to this.

  10. That Maine, the whitest state in the US has Casper as it's longest running cartoon seems fitting.

  11. Beautiful horse. Neck is a bit short for the breed and a bit dippy in the back. Looks like they may be correcting some leg issues with the hoof trims, but overall a beautiful horse.

  12. Get a bowl boil water wrap the inside of the bowl with aluminum foil add the coins cover generously with baking soda and add boiling water. If it smells like rotten eggs then it's real silver. The black spots can be wiped off after sitting in the solution for 10 minutes.

  13. Or silver plate. In any case, this isn't a great idea. You could damage these if they are real.

  14. Look up formula for specific gravity, figure that and go from there. Try to get some of the crusted sand off

  15. Do not try to get anything off. If these are real, you could damage them or lessen their value. Source: I am a jeweler who deals in antique jewelry.

  16. Maybe if she was an adult, but she's 15, being stupid comes with the territory

  17. My kid wouldn't have done this at 10 years old...or at 6 for that matter. Steal a laptop from someone to gift and look good. Nope.

  18. Is it really that easy? I've had a two-legged pest pulling up my milkweed lately, so I've been taking emergency cuttings when I find them on the ground and trying to propagate them in water.

  19. is not that easy. You need to cut the stems underwater, then apply rooting hormone. Put into a pot with well draining soil and keep moist. If the plant lives then you can transplant in around 6 weeks or so.

  20. Yes, I'd heard they were a bit fussy to propagate. If I didn't cut them underwater (I presume because the latex coagulates in air) can I still retrim the cut ends for better odds? And can I apply rooting hormone after they've already been soaking a while?

  21. Not sure why you couldn't retrim the cut ends. It will probably give you better odds. Just cut at least an inch or more above the current cut. Then try the rooting hormone. Certainly better odds than air cut and trying to root in water.

  22. In my area (Southern California) plumbago grows into massive, wild mounds. I have never seen a little trained plumbago like this. So cute!

  23. Really? I have never once heard that. I'm Jewish and I teach western riding. I've ridden literally since I was a 1 year old. Where do you live OP? I'm in California, so that may be the reason....Edit: And I live on a small ranch and have goats and chickens.

  24. I was thinking the same thing! Or he left them at the club or some nonsense.

  25. Or gifted them to one of his friends....who then sold them.

  26. That makes them double the AH - the hike was for her, not them. They can chill and not show off for once. Maybe it's not a workout. They can deal.

  27. This whole thing seems like an exercise on How To Make Paula HATE Hiking. Well done fellas.

  28. “You adjust your route to fit the weakest hiker, not the strongest.”

  29. What an awful dad. This made me really sad too. Guessing when they grow up they will go either no or low contact with a dad that has to compete with little children to prove he is a "man".

  30. If you read the post. It seems that Sam is questioning his sexuality, or knows it but doesn’t want to come out yet. He wanted some information about mlm because he is curious about it since he hasn’t done it yet himself. Before pointing out that someone is YTA please read and have comprehension about what you are reading about.

  31. I read the entire post. Perhaps your own reading comprehension should be in question. OP is at a help center. Other people's relationships are a risky issue. Straight, gay or... As I said....and you failed to comprehend....the fiancée could read the texts both BEFORE AND AFTER the sexual text. OP said "texts". Not "text". To explain it to you more clearly: The before and after texts would reveal context. Just sending a clinical text with links and photos is different than ongoing texts and OP's intentions between the two that could be construed as suggestive or not. In any case, this is Sam's relationship to either continue or end. Not OP's . Never a good idea to insert yourself into the middle of other people's relationships. Especially when you are a new friend, not an old friend.

  32. I think this depends on how the texts are written. It's one thing to factually describe a situation or what you have done, and another to write it like a soft porn or role playing scene.

  33. Of course....but sticking my nose in when someone isn't certain of their sexuality when they have a fiancée or fiancé? That is bound to go it did here.

  34. It's her body, not yours. You are being ridiculously controlling. PS: I personally dislike tattoos, but anyone else's tattoos are NOMB.

  35. NTA. I've been divorced. The court gives specific custody arrangements for a reason. Exes don't get a free pass to interrupt that custody agreement just because they feel like tossing in a bomb. In any case, it is up to your husband to enforce his custody arrangement. New spouses should always stay out of that mix as their interjections only tend to inflame disagreements between exes. Say something to your husband, then leave it to him to deal with.

  36. She forced the specific question. You answered truthfully. NTA, but your SIL is.

  37. I could be wrong but it looks like he was drafted.

  38. Almost everyone in the military was drafted back then.

  39. Well about 10 million Americans was drafted of the 5m service members that was already enlisted. I was just going by what the archive said. He was enlisted “for the duration of the war” and it talked about him being a civilian. So it’s safe to say he got drafted into the war. But yes 2/3rds is quite a lot.

  40. The first Draft (conscription) began in 1917. The draft was dissolved after WW1. In 1940, the Burke Wadsworth Act was passed. A peacetime draft. The Selective Service as it is now called has not been dissolved, it is essentially on hold. That was done so that in another huge war, the government could reinstate the draft quickly, but quickly being questionable with all of the extremist partisan infighting in the US that exists now that didn't exist to anywhere near the same degree back then. I would guess that any new forced conscription would now include women. More info

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