1. Damm youtube recommend the same 1v1 star wars battlefront video to me, yeah im a for honor player

  2. Green Metalic man doing a intergalactic genocide in order to protect human race

  3. Wtf, Rickyedit poniendole los cuernos a su gótica culona?

  4. Yep, as i told to other user, I was surprised too when i found out

  5. Has it really been 2 years since then?

  6. My friend told me: its the black mortal blade before it gets to known as "enchanted blade", and he also say that in the concept art of the game, Isshin carry the black mortal blade

  7. Tell that to the 4 million dollars Disney's lawyers lmao

  8. You picked the wrong scene from the movie for that quote, she just know this fact and doesn't respond to you

  9. I looked for the right scene but you’re limited to the gifs on tinder

  10. I just played this scene in halo 4 wtf, is Internet watching what im doing??

  11. My first playthrough was with Arthur lvl 10 slipback hair and lvl 10 full beard, i love it, so fresh

  12. I can't believe that my favorite childhood movie became a high enough tier meme to have these high-quality derivatives. What is this world.

  13. Damm! Legendary difficult really hits different

  14. I've been searching for this one, definitely the funniest one

  15. You look younger and more handsome clean shaved, i mean you look great but its better shaved

  16. I love how you capture the essence of Dutch Van der Linde's gang

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