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  1. When you get obliterated like that(with feats) i feel powerful because their only chance to kill you is like that

  2. Shaman is op, she can use the force to push enemies through ladders

  3. Would jesus dunk on some hero while screaming "RAAAAHHHH"?

  4. Berserker was starving for that punch in the mouth

  5. this is the kind of content the for honor community needs, waiting for this to be an emote ubi

  6. She said "shine!" So many times that Kyoshin ended up doing it

  7. Forgive me but, thats the problem, you dont know you

  8. I dont know but whenever we happen to meet you're always helping people and smiling

  9. I love the pixel axe he is holding, looks very dangerous

  10. Peacekeeper: "Larry!? A-are cosplaying as me in full armor...again?"

  11. So cool illustration man i love the blade runner reference

  12. Estamos esperando a los 298 espartanos restantes

  13. HEY!!! That’s Cyrus_Relik, a bot named after a friend of mine that passed away in July 2020. I made a post about him on my old Reddit account back then, and it got noticed by Ubisoft, who added his name into the game in memory of his death.

  14. Man, im here to laugh and get fun, not to get emotional and cry😢

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