1. Because Trigger died sealing away his former teammates and then reborn as a human. It reset his age.

  2. New to Ultraman. Which series is this so I know which one to watch?

  3. Ultra Galaxy Fight The Absolute Conspiracy It's on YouTube for free

  4. No. They mostly brought back some of the cast and make references. Nexus 15th Anniversary for an example. Night Raider Captain is playing Alien Nackle in Taiga. Not to mentioned, his anniversary shares the same year as their cash cow Golden Boy, Ultraman Zero who likely gets whatever he wants.

  5. because some of the villains you mentioned would just kill or attack him on the spot.

  6. As long they don't make Alien Zamu a bad guy all the suddenly...since Neos' ending implies HEART will be reviving their entire race.

  7. Etelgar? imprisoned along with the heisei ultras?

  8. Etelgar is the main villain of Ginga S movie, his goal is to imprisoned the heisei ultras (Tiga, Dyna, Gaia, Cosmos, Nexus, Max and Mebius)

  9. Dyna in Superior Movie is an alternate version where his reality is similar to ours. He got the power of Dyna because he recieved memories of our main Asuka

  10. Unfortunately no because they afraid that he will solo Tartarus with 1% of his power.

  11. Lmao, Ultra Brothers, TDG, Cosmos, High Concept Ultras and etc are nothing but movie exclusive characters in that universe if the leak was true.

  12. Well so does Ace, Tartarus and Zero's US form

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