1. I love these guides, they’re amazing… but knowing that other ones are out there somewhere is very tempting. I looked through your post history but couldn’t see the other FH guides; are they out there somewhere?

  2. You may check dysent's blinkblade guide (you can find it on the class resource wiki). It follows the same format of this guide and it is also very good quality. I really enjoyed it a lot

  3. Some good information about it would be where are you located (roughly).

  4. Sure, but I think their point is regarding

  5. I completely agree with this, and I am actually looking forward for this rule in FH

  6. You could, for example, go late with crushing weight, and use deadly shot as a bottome 'move 4'. Then you just position adjacent to an enemy and activate the persistent loss on Crushing weight (no attack action, but a move 4 performed)

  7. I did consider this but I figured giving my whole team -2 move since the top part also gets doubled might be a bit harsh. With a bone shaper and banner spear that could get downright ridiculous.

  8. I haven't played X yet. I started Frosthaven with the Boneshaper but I'm still finishing Gloomhaven with another group. We're on the last 7-8 scenarios of Forgotten Circles and I want to play X in Gloomhaven before we put that game away for good. That means I'll be starting at level 8 and it's a decently complicated class to wrap my head around how to play. Usually I start at lower level and work my way up (despite our high prosperity), but there is no time in this campaign to do that.

  9. If you are interested, I may take a look this afternoon to the cards again this afternoon and tell you how I played it (started at lvl 8 too, in FC)

  10. You have to sell your soul and blindly follow a child for the hyzante ending

  11. Right, although not quite a "full perk" because a full perk might require two or three perkmarks. But yes, not just a checkmark.

  12. But isn’t this banner spears move ability. So it would allow both allies a move 3.

  13. What I understand from the text "add 1 range to one of your attacks":

  14. I got my copy of Frosthaven a little over a month ago but received only one set of sleeves (ordered two). I emailed customer service who got back to me right away and said they'd send out my missing add-on. Today a very big box showed up at my door.

  15. Not bad, an additional copy of the game... Most of us have not even got the one we ordered : ) US, I assume?

  16. The frame allows you to put the stickers directly on the map, or it cover it with some form of plastic or something? How is the effect when you put the stickers on it, does it look well, or is the sticker clearly above the frame?

  17. If she is Club, I recommend they play Skull and get a very particular Perk asap. It should help if their wife gets into the trouble you mentioned.

  18. That is actually a very good advice too. The skull character also brings some non-lost melee summons to the table, so unless she is always ahead of them, they would end up taking some hits for her

  19. Boots of Speed are especially good on classes with summons, so I'd recommend getting them on Boneshaper asap!

  20. I guess asap, but not before the robes that give shield to the summons, right?

  21. Now the serious answer... I thougt FLGS was for Favourite Local Game Store

  22. Nah it originated as Friendly.

  23. I do not recall scenario 13 at all... Is it skippable?

  24. Has anyone done a breakdown on the starting craft able items? Or on town upgrades?

  25. Do not recall the source, but I hope this is what you are looking for:

  26. They are playing Forgotten Circles right now, unless I misunderstood the post, so Digital would not.be an option for their group

  27. Probably should have checked that first lol, thanks!

  28. I think next thing you should get is a notification from UPS or similar that you have the package on its way

  29. This app does not show scenario layouts or items. You.may want to check out gloomhaven full-stack though I expect it will take some time before Full Frosthaven support with scenario layouts.

  30. Thanks!! Does it handle character AMD too, or just monster's? If it does, I think I will use it for mass-playing solo scenarios (to avoid human-shuffling errors) and see which strategies might work better.

  31. Just in case you've not seen them yet, there are already 3 guides that I know of. Two fo starting characters (boneshaper and blinkblade) and one of a locked character (do not recall which one... Did not check that guide, as I do not have the game, yet alone the class unlocked)

  32. When??? Will ve available in the figurine's crowdfunding campaign perhaps?

  33. I compared the KS pdf from February with the real copy one of the Youtubers was flipping through recently. There really weren’t any noticeable differences aside from some very minor details and some appendices with spoilers that are missing in the KS pdf. So, while I would also like to have a copy of the real version, I doubt you’ll miss anything by just reading through the KS pdf.

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