1. Couldn’t cut any of the performances or the workroom content since it seems to be developing a storyline.

  2. Going off of the podcast appearance they made, Ezra seemed boring and uninterested whereas Jacob is fully supportive. Bob will be fine

  3. You guys are wild.. how do you feel you know someone based on fragments of their lives?

  4. If you’re going to put yourself out there on social media, appear on podcasts, and release music, the public will have an opinion of you, for better or for worse

  5. is the episode longer than 40 mins this week or did we just get a long promo

  6. I don’t think they care about the length, they just want enough to tease the audience so they’ll watch.

  7. I’m sure he came in not knowing what he signed up for but left loving this experience

  8. I spent the better part of whatever the time is called when you can't sleep and it is too late to take melatonin, trying to figure out if that was an actual rumour or just people being shady. I like to think it is both.

  9. I’ve listened to this skit multiple times as a serotonin booster. It’s Race Chaser S2E7, Once Upon a Queen, around the 31 minute mark after Tati’s Tidbits.

  10. I want the navy and black at some point. I’ll pick up Green Jasper when it hits sale

  11. Probably a smack down but remember, people were complaining about no eliminations, too many twists, too many episodes (that won’t change) so Ru said she’s going to give the fans just what they want.

  12. Race chaser is my fav BUT I wish they would’ve done Classique from the beginning and went in order.

  13. I don’t think she threw it. I think she did something that was popular at the bars many years ago and wasn’t aware of the Rupaul rules that had been established in the 9 years since she had been on.

  14. muniz been outselling the rucaps recently

  15. I was so scandalized by her not knowing Match Game that it took me a few minutes to even notice “why isn’t the snatch game was a…”

  16. Sorry to be that guy, but her tweets always require at least 3 readings to somewhat understand what she’s trying to say.

  17. Jan's Tik Tok was suspended, and Nina West was recently doxxed. I'm not usually one for going down that kind of conspiracy route, but with all this happening more during this season than any before and in the midst of the most public anti-drag conservative campaigning of all time, (including drives for legislation to ban all forms of drag from public appearance) I'm starting to think this isn't all just a coincidence.

  18. The two Florida queens, mistress and Salina, coping hate and bans, not outside the realm of possibility that it’s targeted conservative bots.

  19. Imagine being in their position with this volatile fandom where queens are literally getting their insta accounts disabled for nothing.

  20. …alot of projecting happening where suddenly the entire fandom are acting like they were Todrick’s dancers, also Todrick’s landlord, and also on his season of BB.

  21. For the Vanjie show, it seems like they just booked an Airbnb and filled it with liquor and even that seemed like high budget for Wow.

  22. It was different. They tried. Even rpdr was janky at first. If it had more support im sure they would put more money into it. Props to vanjie for having something unique created for her. Idgaf if ppl talk shit. Most things start out a bit rocky and improve.

  23. It is a shame the couple didn’t last. I don’t remember who was on that show besides the porn star, the dude who filmed porn, the dude who fell asleep, or the one person I actually knew BUT the dude who won wasn’t my pick to win.

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