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  1. TLDR: Don is taking calls from teams on replacing Max now that they are moving him to LTIR. They intend on activating Max as soon as he returns and don’t intend on holding him out for the year.

  2. As in teams are trying to get Carolina to trade for their players they're trying to get rid of in hopes that Carolina is looking to replace Max?

  3. Yeah, but if you try that shit in Texas, it’ll be the last thing you do because you’ll most likely get shot.

  4. Equal chances you're getting shot in the robbery too.

  5. You've never had a text conversation with your mom before?

  6. Canadians donates blood/plasma with the expectation that it's directly helping Canadians who need it.

  7. You should write up and print out a pamphlet explaining that it's illegal, why it's illegal and why them being off leash effects you and others in a similar situation.

  8. How does that compare to crafting costs? About 25%?

  9. You don't get it's full value in credits. If you search for some 'everything you need to know' threads from when live launched it'll show the breakdowns

  10. No non-qualifying team took a match off of a qualifying team. Qualifying teams were 15-0 vs non-qualifying teams.

  11. OP - the date on your graph is incorrect according to the first linked article?

  12. No shit sherlock, but also it was measured to the ten thousandth of a second which is one more decimal of precision than a millisecond.

  13. That’s the shittiest thing about this. It’s a construction zone. Fuck his camera and mirror. This idiot “streamer” could’ve killed someone.

  14. He then immediately goes back to fucking around with the camera/dashboard while not looking at the road.

  15. Why is this update being posted here? The original post was from today for crying out loud.

  16. You could try taking this to the news, cbc maketplace? Some other investigative journalist?

  17. I'm surprised they didn't just sell knockoffs until Roomba was pushed out of the market.

  18. You said there is 35 million that teams are over cap, but how many millions are the teams with space under the cap?

  19. Lance et Compte for all you french kids out there.

  20. You'll still have videos on your hard drive that you can reupload on a alt account, or from twitch? You can see why you're having a hard time convincing people with zero back up.

  21. I do have all of my videos still. I have no clue about the other players. I was far from the most frequent video uploader, and I didn't publish gameplay videos. I posted short clips of stuff that was under development. I am not too keen or particularly interested in going out of my way to provide proof and evidence to others online. I'm simply telling my story from my perspective, and people are more than free to take it or leave it at face value.

  22. I put some effort into searching and could only come up with a carball mod for unreal tournament 2004. According to NoClip's Rocket League documentary that was what a couple of founders were working on with Epic. Even if you can't be bothered to upload any of your own videos, surely you'd have better luck at finding one already posted as you know exactly what you're looking for.

  23. I love his weapon videos so much more than the new hut videos.

  24. Thanks! Do you know if the Celebrations method to get a lot of credits is still working after Today's update? I thought about buying a few Celebrations codes just to get a head start and be able to buy the missing cards I need from my sets.

  25. There would be riots if they change anything about the celebration redemption trick. Your best bet for earning credits is to open as many celebration packs as possible. (Ideally after already having a near complete collection).

  26. What? I'm generally asking how that's the conclusion he came to. I'm not being pedantic here. I'm just confused by his interpretation.

  27. I was confused as well. Funny enough I actually thought Mark gut hung by the bags and was choking to death (seeing the arm and leg movements), but rewatching that part made me think the gagging just went out of control - even though it’s 3 more bags, it’s THAT bad.

  28. I actually like the twist of suicide by bag straps, just didn't see it happening at all when I went back to look.

  29. "Erin, when you recount your day, never say you "woke up". That's a waste of your time. That's how every day is begun for everyone since the dawn of man." -RC

  30. Disturbed from my slumber, I awake in a terribly foul mood.

  31. Connor McDavid has already 442 games as captain of the Oilers and a legit shot at topping this list before the end of his career (he needs short of another 11 seasons as captain)

  32. Actually it's McDavid with 442, Jason Smith only had 368 games played in the 5 seasons he was Oilers Captain.

  33. Search youtube for Azulgg and Tablemon they post deck videos every other day.

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