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  1. Wow I'm surprised at all the negative feedback for crating the puppy at night. At that age I'd think it's still pretty common and in many ways safer for the dog. If I'm not actively watching my 7 month old all he does is get into stuff he's not supposed to.

  2. Yep right along with you on that and the early morning yapping to be let out. It definitely gets better, the older they get the more they conform to your schedule.

  3. Well fqdns are finally supported now in intune in case anyone runs into a similar issue

  4. I run the following Powershell Script on login and it's fixed all my Defender Firewall Teams Issues.

  5. Thanks, this was what I was using to make the .exe exception except also added one for outbound as well since we block everything not going over VPN. Originally for some reason Teams wasn't working even with this in place which is why I posted the question but now it seems to be functioning correctly

  6. Didn’t think that was possible in acc

  7. Its a game. Do what you find fun. Some people like having one car, and learning it inside out. Others like to mix it up. I tend to pick a car for a season in my league, then change it for the next one.

  8. This, because in the end getting faster comes with time spent racing. If you're not having fun then you're not going to spend as much time playing. The shortest path to getting fast is picking a known competitive car in the current meta, driving only that car, finding or creating a good setup, and a lot of seat time. Even sticking with a single track for a week before switching to another one helps because you have to master the track along with the car but can learn things from each track you can apply to others.

  9. Just discovered the same crack on my roof.

  10. Bummer, sorry to hear it happened to you too. Curious what year/mileage is yours?

  11. It’s a 2017 with 55k miles. I wonder if it has anything to do with the severe weather change that we just had/going through. One day it’s in the 70s the next it’s in the 50s.

  12. Mines the same year as well and isn't garage kept so it faces the elements. So far it hasn't caused any issues with leaks or anything and seems to be purely cosmetic but it's a shame Audi doesn't seem to want to cover it or acknowledge it as an issue.

  13. Meanwhile there's me who doesn't even know there was an ACC Race Control app

  14. It's pretty nifty - better interface compared to the one that comes with ACC dedicated server

  15. I'm with you it's the best. Especially when you factor the scale, time of day (all look good from morning to night), dynamic lighting effects, and all the attention to detail

  16. I was gonna name the video Maggotts and Becketts but thought I'd have the track Nazi's pointing out all incidents occured before Becketts...I can't win lol.

  17. Only lfm for two weeks. Would you recommend me a friendly league? Mostly interested in making friends.

  18. If Saturday nights 9:30pm EST work for you I'd invite you to join our league

  19. Cool idea for a league good luck with it

  20. You guys still looking for folks?

  21. Yeah man we're just about to start our 5th season this Saturday. Here's a new discord link in case that other one expired

  22. I don't even know how to describe it but it's almost like goose bumps I get every time I hear this song. The beat, the lyrics, the delivery, and Nate Dogg's chorus. Song is perfection

  23. Wow I'm surprised at how much hate this game is getting, the original that is. Far from a perfect game but I thought it had some really cool elements

  24. Watch the Whitelight video on it, it explains it quite well

  25. Good recommendation, just watched and he's spot on with his praise and critiques of the game. He actually brought up a lot of good things I completely forgot about.

  26. Man I might need to go back to the Aston and test those TC settings. It used to be the car I used most but out of all it's strengths I personally never found corner exit to be one of them. I felt like the TC was more intrusive than other cars so I'd always rely on running it low and squeezing the throttle out of turns. Never found it to be a car I could just pin the throttle, especially if the wheel was still turned slightly when I was getting on it

  27. When I have company over the sim rig is always a big hit with the kids who always want to try it. Cracks me up when the parents try to correct the kids who seem to always instinctually use two feet. Then I have to interject and tell them their kid is actually doing it right for racing.

  28. Dude this is the exact scenario that inspired this post lol

  29. I used it in a league season that wrapped up and I managed 4th in the championship with it but obviously skill level varies league to league. I found it to be one of the cars where default aggressive isn't great for most tracks and it benefited hugely from setups.

  30. So I guess you just get lucky and let go when you see the "ASC OFF" prompt after disabling ESC?

  31. Exactly, gotta pay attention and let go at that time

  32. The settings in the DEP profile are applied during enrollment only and will need to be factory reset if you make changes. We apply the same settings to all our user devices but have a separate profile for admins and or developers that may need to use a Mac for development purposes.

  33. Thanks for confirming that's the case

  34. Did you ever find a solution? Just migrated to Intune from another MDM and having this same issue with GlobalProtect

  35. Agree with as others stated there is a slight delay when riding onboard with others or even factoring the reaction time of you intending to brake and when your foot actually hits the brake.

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