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  1. What if I am? I don't understand what does it have to do with anything. Or is it like in the memes, that teachers are bad or something? No, I'm not a teacher and I don't get why You even asked that.

  2. Why shouldn't they use their sonas in real life?

  3. I love furry art. Just don't like the ones in the costumes

  4. Yeah amn I just want some I can talk to irl where I don't have to essentially be a different person

  5. Won't be long until you become a schizophrenic like I have become.

  6. I never really understood people like this, what's so bothersome about males wearing feminine clothing?

  7. Because they are a bunch of hardheaded old people that won't accept change and freedom

  8. I honestly don’t know. But now that you ask I’m kinda curious if I could be a dom again. I’ll try and report back to you in a few days lol

  9. The answer is yes. I both top and bottom just depends what mood I’m in. Usually if I’m in the mood to top then I’m super dominant but then turn just as submissive when I bottom.

  10. I'm not worried about the femboys it's me I've been straight for 15 years I refuse to let beingnhere for 1 year change that

  11. Well have you actually thought about getting romantic with a woman??

  12. Ok , well what do you think about when you see or hang out with a guy at school?

  13. Sorry to everyone reading this if your just looking for the funny I just felt like this was the tipping point for something and I just needed to get this of my chest

  14. You have no idea how broad the furry fandom is on social media(s) You have no idea oh boy If you genuinely have a problem with the fandom I suggest you go outside more. For real. Period.

  15. To be honest I was like 8 when I first experienced this and saying the words I realized I was a bottom when I was 8 makes me feel wierd

  16. As a pretty-looking straight man, all I’ll say is I can now empathize with women dealing with unwanted harassment from men. Touching people without consent is wrong no matter what orientation you are.

  17. My bald, diabetic, lazy, mean, 60+ year old grandfather said this once. I straight up told him I didn’t think gay men would find him attractive.

  18. Oh Okay , sorry to bother you at this time.

  19. on the top to bottom scale (10 being top and 0 being bottom) I am in the negative

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