A Letter From Kyle Okposo To Sabres Fans.

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As requested, here’s the sign I’m bringing to the game. Turned out great LOL

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  1. All three first rounders are reaches imo but to each their own

  2. I don’t understand how they didn’t take one last year unless they counted Levi as a pick

  3. I like the Johnny Hockey signing but where did you sends Mitts?

  4. They could offer between 4-6 million and only give up a first (Florida’s). I would be all on board for this, but it will never get done

  5. Is that the rule? I have no idea how RFA works with that, I just know it’s a first round pick. If that’s the case, then hell to the no.

  6. I am once again asking the JJ Peterka NHL doubters to come forward.

  7. Do they actually make changes to their roster though this off-season? I legitimately think they have veterans that are blocking some of their better prospects (Knies, Holmberg, Robertson)

  8. They really should move him to free up some cap space. Thinking Bjork and the Vegas 2nd is fair compensation.

  9. Again if there are any doubts still about Peterka I am willing to hear them and then counter argue you

  10. Anyone who says he shouldn’t be in the NHL next season is just plain wrong!

  11. Definitely expect Rosen to be the next one, they will need bodies in Rochester next season

  12. Depending how he does in the playoffs, Jack Campbell might be available as well.

  13. It’s like when you buy the Magikarp at the Pokémon Center, except this one won’t evolve into Gyarados

  14. Ladies and Gentleman, it’s been an honor commenting with you this season.

  15. I use time that could be used to address problems to tell my colleagues what I’d bring to survive on an island.

  16. Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn really have fallen off production wise, but Roope Hintz and Jason Robinson are really nice pieces for Dallas.

  17. Marco Kaspar in Rögle has really impressed me in the SHL playoff, skilled, good vision, competes like hell, makes sarcrifices for the team. If he is avalible at #15 sabres should really consider him.

  18. I like Kasper a lot. Too bad RJ won’t get to call that name, he’d have a field day with it

  19. Filip Cederqvist. He had 32 in 49 in the SHL and is ready for a contract. Additionally, they’re going to go the ole vet route for a year; Seth Griffith, C.J Smith, and Steven Fogarty territory.

  20. I think he’s a good 3C but leaves some to be desired as a 2C. I think his skating has much improved, but his finishing has been snakebitten. He also needs to have a shoot first mentality, is he often passes on the PP when he has an opportunity to shoot

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