1. I think most roles will only change by one maybe two item with some gods changing nothing.

  2. Put a pulley at the top, then start with lightweight string and use heavier gauge as you pull.

  3. Catch this idea. Like a ski lift there’s poles incrementally holding up the wire, the poles have power running through them so the lines are charged, and won’t freeze up. Also giving power to an electric motor that can spin in reverse to slow the speed of the moving payload down the line. Each payload has an electric motor on the line letting it move as it pleases.

  4. That’s a lot of heavy duty machinery to haul up the mountain. How do you plan on anchoring it? The longest zip line that exists is a fraction of the length and already deals with forces difficult to handle, and they didn’t need to worry about weight, it freezing temps when installing it.

  5. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly why the deserter’s coming back. Since the queue’s no longer counting down, when the queue pops the 10 players are already picked and if they decline, it has to restart the queue. If you decline when the queue timer counts down, it just removed you from the selection for that queue.

  6. This post is about console and originally on console, this is how it was. Which was season 2

  7. He’s got healing, an attack steroid, a stun, and basically the same fire AoE except instead of speeding up the hero it slows in an area. Sure the ult is different but the rest of the kit is very similar

  8. Spitzer ammo was a mistake on cryteks part

  9. Spitzer is worse than regular ammo. No one in actual 6 star lobbies use it outside the memes.

  10. Currently it’s rather common, because the spitzer quest is pretty common

  11. In what world is toxic better than flying? If you’re facing a blank board I guess. Not in real life

  12. We are never going to get a real answer people if you downvote everyone who’s against it. That’s the point of the question.

  13. Yes they did, it had skins for Danny phantom, rocko’s modern life, my life as a teenage robot, and invader zim.

  14. They did a Nickelodeon one too. Rocko, teenage robot, invader zim, and Danny phantom all have skins

  15. I love the martini-henry. At 143 damage, it might as well be a sparks but it reloads faster, has more ammo, and you can stick a giant knife on the end of it.

  16. It’s biggest downside is the velocity vs the sparks. But I agree. Super fun and it’s reload being faster makes me feel like it’s possible to brawl more with it rather than shoot and hide

  17. Martini Ironside gang rise up! As long as we keep the enemy on the right we will be victorious over the Kraggers.

  18. The ironside should work with levering. You can’t change my mind

  19. The game had a long Early Access period before any of the things I’m talking about were added so no need to tell the future because they added them after.

  20. Are you talking about hades? The game full released before either of these gods were released in smite. The game hasn’t had content added since before these gods were added to smite. There’s no way the game has references to the smite gods, unless the devs can tell the future.

  21. People that say it doesn't work are reporting people that are innocent.

  22. You think no one else reported this guy in his 100hrs of gameplay? Dude likely played for weeks maybe months before a ban

  23. I feel like the damage drop off is for vertelli is much worse than a whole compound. I shot people multiple times from within a compound and it didn't put them down. It would have with long.

  24. You can feel that way all you want but the numbers are public.

  25. It’s not an estimate. You can literally look at the damage. The map is 1KM long the average compound is 50-60m wide and the base vetterrli can two tap out to 65m consistently.

  26. States he’s “casual” has spent nearly 96 entire days in the game. Over the last three years you have spent over 10 hours a week every single week without fail in tarkov for three years give or take.

  27. She'd have evidence of infidelity and evidence you had $1m. Jackpot for her.

  28. Infidelity doesn’t mean anything? You don’t get all of someone’s assets because of it in a divorce. She’d end up with less money Infact.

  29. Infidelity: the action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner.

  30. Salvia, K-2 (spice/synthetic weed), bath salts, any thing in the computer duster/anti freeze genre but like are those even drugs? Doesn’t prevent people from getting high off them tho

  31. I work in mental health. Acute adult units are sadly like 50% addicts self medicating. We see lots and lots of people come in on meth, cocaine, benzos ect. I’ve seen and helped people come down from it all. I’ll tell you this, if we get a call about a patient coming in because of K2 you know it’s bad. There are some people out there whose brains just don’t get along with it, and you don’t know if that’s you until you do it. I’ve seen college students come in with absolutely no Hx and suddenly they just aren’t normal anymore, and it doesn’t go away. psychosis of all forms, delusions, hallucination, all out of nowhere and all we can do is load them up on meds and hope they have some level of functionality left but sometimes they don’t.

  32. I used to be incredulous about how effective measures like this we're in suicide prevention. That was until I started working in mental health. I've heard so many people tell me that when they're googling how many pills to take, etc., that that message is what gives them the second they need to think about what they're planning and reconsider their options. It's a shame to see it removed from Twitter.

  33. Slightly off topic but I also work I also work in mental health and the other day I was trying to google toxic levels for a medication and google kept blocking me. It was purely academic Google!

  34. I’m aware of her abilities/passive but i don’t really get why that makes tank items work for her. Is it because she doesn’t need to build as much pen so she mostly just needs power and can fit tankiness into her build?

  35. Her damage is, more or less consistent regardless of power or pen because most of it is %damage. Which means building take gets more bang for your buck. Why build power to do only a little extra damage when you can build tanky and survive long enough to use your kit more than once in a team fight doing way more damage. Her damage doesn’t come from raw numbers it’s a fixed amount, more or less.

  36. Ant-man. Do the things that shrink keep their density or not? Paul Rudd is shrunk down and still packs the punch power of a grown man in tiny size, but a tank can be shrunk down and carried on a key chain?

  37. Also, if they keep their mass when he grow to a huge size he should still weigh the same amount meaning he would be incredibly weak despite his size. However, he crushes a truck in civil war while huge. It makes no sense.

  38. For me at least the fraction of my deaths which occur at further than 100 meters or from alert trip mines are negligible, but yes i agree in those cases the trait is helpful.

  39. It has been this way forever. You down "a solo" and you burn them out cuz you have absolutely no way of proving they're a solo until post game.

  40. I disagree, you almost never need to wait for a full burn on a solo. After a minute of burning and no one’s shown themselves it’s safe 99% of the time. People just aren’t that patient. Meanwhile with self necro if they are solo you have to sit the entire time, even if you know they were solo. It’s not fun. Not to mention you have to actively stare at the body unlike if you were looking for teammates. It’s a huge difference and it feels different to the player.

  41. Why speak English when you can say dicky needles and divide my cheeks?

  42. I don’t know what it is about the Alamo but it’s sucks for me. I swear it has dramatically less range than the regular ramero but, I’m probably bias.

  43. Because they were protesting the naming laws in their country, it wasn't just them being lazy or neglecting their child

  44. the laws are that they need a name by year 5 its extremely lenient

  45. It was the fact the government limited what you could name your kid and was pretty ridiculous about it. If the name didn't match your class they would deny it from what I've read.

  46. The name they called him, is the name they eventually registered. They just waited 5 years, got mad at the fine, attempted to name Him something silly twice, then eventually registered the actually name they were already calling him.

  47. They specifically said they've made the event easier to finish. I'm inclined to believe them over the idea that they bald face lied about that and instead made it worse.

  48. They bold faced lied about the last event being easier. It required literally the biggest time investment of any event by nearly three times.

  49. Aerial combat is terrible, and if you’re against a good player being knocked off stage is an immediate death. Your double jump gives you near zero height, if you fall even an inch under the stage where you can’t vault you’re just dead. The game expects you to use your dodge as horizontal distance to recover which loops you into getting knocked back off over and over with no real counterplay. Your other options are auto attacks which tend to stall you in the air which gives Athena, herc or any other character with a projectile a free kill.

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