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  1. How does anything in the Infinity Saga even resemble Zack Snyder’s work?

  2. I went into this book for the exact reason they did. I had a very vague awareness of the book, saw the movie trailer and it blew me away. I rushed out to get the book. I heard some mixed reviews and got the vibe that it’s bad, but fun. Or it’s a fun nostalgia trip for nerds. Then I got a couple chapters in and I realized this book is actually awful. I stopped reading.

  3. RP2 is offensively bad because it accidentally came really close to making a point about our modern day society without the author realizing and then took a hard left into dumbassery

  4. It's full of "The secret is at the end of Pac Man? Luckily, I became the first person in the world to complete Pac Man last week."

  5. I could hand wave some of hear away due to Wade being a hyper nerd that has permanent residence inside the locker he was shoved in to.

  6. Don’t forget that the TV show is also canon to the FIFA games.

  7. Even in Star Wars rich people will do the weirdest things for attention

  8. The correct answer is to just crash ships into planets and other things at light speed. This was always such a plot issue for me but I assumed they were just ignoring the option because it would sort of undo everything. But then they literally put it in one of the movies and introduced that it had been an option all this time. Luke or any other pilot could have just gone light speed into the death star and been done with it. I’m certain it wouldn’t have been that hard to rig an autopilot or have a drone pilot the ship.

  9. It wouldn’t have worked on the Death Star.

  10. Saying it wouldn’t have worked based on the lore is very different than saying it wouldn’t have worked based on the physics of it. In reality a ship hitting the death star at that speed would be catastrophic.

  11. If it wasn’t catastrophic to the Supremacy, which is half the size, why would it be to the Death Star?

  12. According to Filoni, so is Ahsoka

  13. Is Mando sequel era? It's post Empire but pre First Order. Kind of a middle ground.

  14. No, according to Dave Filoni, Ahsoka was alive and present during Rise of Skywalker.

  15. For 2, you can also travel into the future if you have an item that belongs to you and if someone has memories of you.

  16. They’ve done this since Gen 1, you know what you were getting into.

  17. Because it’s literal magic? Like, that’s literally always been the case. The Kyber crystal forms a bond with the Jedi who finds it and it becomes the color that suits them most.

  18. Isn’t it widely speculated that Frankini is Cat’s brother?

  19. Isn’t calling then a “female version” kind of belittling and demeaning to these characters?

  20. Benthic Two-Tubes!! Absolute legend

  21. I’m throwing hands with the dude who flipped B2EMO

  22. I’ve never had a more emotional reaction to a piece of fiction than when that imperial fuck kicked over our boy

  23. People hated Cyberpunk because they straight up lied to customers in trailers and marketing material. Half the stuff shown wasn’t in the game.

  24. How do you know Star Sapphire but not Kilowog? Lmao

  25. This just tells me that Quentin is mad because his characters aren’t as memorable.

  26. The guy aquired tons of studios/properties, launched a streaming service and invested heavily in themeparks amounting to a spending of over $100 billion until 2020, that has absolutely been about money. And it has since also lead to Disney being in the red. Giving people like Jon Favreau, Kevin Feige or Dave Filoni more power over their work was a great way of getting franchises on track and audiences interested in their content. So i don't see how that's anything new. And I have a hard time believing that a behemoth like Disney primarily cares about that. The bottom line is they're a publicity traded company. So just start making good entertainment again and stop with the PR fluffpieces and corporate politics.

  27. Crediting Dave Filoni as if he isn’t responsible for Star Wars becoming one huge self-referential circlejerk.

  28. Theory; Xehanort or the MoM invented the idea of world order so that you can’t skip around the universe recruiting strong hearts for a huge army

  29. I loved this character in the first season but from season two onwards she just becomes worse and worse. It’s like a villain origin story.

  30. Rory goes through the opposite of a Redemption Arc. She actually becomes a worse person by the end, which is something a lot of shows just don’t do.

  31. Well, they certainly don't care about Ben Affleck's mental health, so no, they do not.

  32. The idea is that most nobodies are their original selves, and were never truly fundamentally changed. The only reason they changed their names at all was because Xemnas did it for them.

  33. Most nobodies look identical to their somebodies, does that mean Xemnas is what YX grows up to look like? Is Xemnas the in-between of YX and BBS!Xehanort?

  34. But Xemnas doesn’t look 1:1 with apprentice Xehanort

  35. If Ash didn’t use Z-Moves or Mega it wouldn’t feel like a definitive end like it does now.

  36. I know Xavier is from Earth-838 but I still decided to count him since he's the first mutant character introduced in a Marvel Studios movie.

  37. The first mutant introduced in the MCU is Ursa Major

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