1. They are not very clever most idling vehicles are not very efficient and emit more emissions, so stranding a bunch of people in this way makes the problem worse!

  2. Try taking your unvaccinated child to a day care centre!

  3. I hope you have it insured! And I love it, the most awesome thing I have seen today!

  4. Please warn people like this and then hang up, they will never learn if we cater to their bad manners.

  5. Delete Twitter , I have and my life is better for it. As messed up as America is at the moment we still should keep at least one eye on them, as what happens there has repercussions elsewhere. Not all is lost I believe many people are working to fix things.

  6. It’s a new feature! I have even seen one bouncing up and down on the spot. I think it’s the old software thing , fix a bunch of bugs and create some new ones! Good for a laugh I say.

  7. I have to say this is the first series of comments on reddit that made me laugh so hard my eyes began to water! Thank you all!

  8. The only thing I truly hate is the traffic and the ignorant drivers, other than that a perfect place to live!

  9. This may be an aside, but has anyone else noticed how poor the money is now for dropped equipment?

  10. This game is my hobby, I play every day!

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