1. “I had a fun time on this date but I didn’t really feel a spark”

  2. I got that a couple of days ago. Sparks were flying all over the place on WhatsApp, and when we met, it just fell flat. She was really honest with me and it was all fine even though it felt like we'd missed something that could have been pretty awesome.

  3. I have the same personal best as you, 129. It will be difficult to top for me.

  4. Isn't that what practice is? It takes a long time.

  5. Yeah, my brother constantly shames me for being "irrelevant" and not having a "presence" and calling me lonely, weird etc...

  6. I don’t like telling people about my hobbies (quilting/sewing, woodworking, PC tinkering, and gardening) because it inevitably leads to, “You should sell these!”

  7. Yep that's good advice. You should be selling it.

  8. "I don't get why that's funny. Can you explain it to me?"

  9. One of my favourite comebacks that I occasionally use is from a UK series called Brids of a feather. It goes something like : "Excuse me, I think you have me confused with someone who gives a shit [about what you think]"

  10. 21 and 22g. I would love to try lighter darts though.

  11. Nice one! If you don't mind me asking, but I know those are condor neon axe, but those are the pink colour ones?

  12. I regret buying those hope u have a better time with them

  13. J'ai décidé de pas faire de gosses pour pas qu'ils vivent dans un monde de merde

  14. Elle aurait « initié » et tu en étais fou ? Mdr la tromperie émotionnelle çà existe, le fait que tu te vois comme ayant fais un grand sacrifice en dis assez long sur toi

  15. Roh putain mais le jugement constant de l'autre, c'est terrible. Il aimait beaucoup cette fille, c'était réciproque, et il n'a pas agit pour le bien de son pote. C'est quand même pas compliqué d'y voir quelque chose d'honorable.

  16. C'est marrant que tu traites les gens de "binaires" sans nuance et que ça t'exaspère et tu finis la conversation en traitant ton interlocuteur de troll (insulte pas très nuancé) alors que vous aviez tous deux des propos interessant. Reddit c'est toi aussi mon pote.

  17. Je vis au Japon et on a aussi un système de sécu locale qui rembourse à peu près à 70%

  18. Je parle pas du mec que tu connais en particulier, mais c'est si dur que ça d'imaginer une situation avant d'y être confronté ? De se mettre à la place des autres et de ne pas attendre que les merdes nous arrivent pour se demander quelles seraient les meilleures solutions ? Ça me dépasse.

  19. Why don't you take off the registration marks before taking the picture?

  20. If you want a long lasting look, then you have to go with the natural Tungsten version. All barrels coated in either black or gold will wear, and usually within a month they look terrible.

  21. Can you take any coating off with acetone? I have the black Shot Tribal Weapons 4 and they already look well used.

  22. Bob’s 27 can be a fun game. You can do the ‘real’ version where you can lose or the easy version where you don’t lose points. It’s good as it adds a pressure element as well as using all the doubles.

  23. To add to this, round the world doubles is good too. Start on D1 and don't go up to D2 until you've hit it. Don't stop until you've hit D20 and Bull.

  24. yfh says:

    Been supporting the club since I was 9 and tomorrow at the age of 30, this will be the first game I attend. Literally dreamt about this moment.

  25. I cried like a baby the first time I attended Old Trafford. Been a fan since 1991 and saw united in the flesh in 2013. When I came out of the stadium, I was sobbing in my girlfriend's arms. I was so happy.

  26. I meant that i ordered packs but all of them were really bad.

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