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  1. No. You have too much ammonia. It needs to come out.

  2. i understand that its just i dont have the water hose pump. i wanted that first. but ill wait. buying it now. what test should i get for the best measurements. I already have a 20 g and this saturday would be its 3 rd water change and its been in the family for little over a month. i been using the strips but since i first brought my strip tester they didnt oxidize and i got annoyed. But thats what i am using

  3. Just what my fish store said and felt like it would be okay to say in a pinch as that’s all they told me. According to my test everything was in parameters on the back of the bottle but after some other helpful people gave feedback or asked a question and I answered it seemed to work better. I’m new to this only been keeping fish for around a year. No need to be demeaning I’m coming here saying I messed up asking for help to avoid it in the future. Even though I’m new don’t turn people away from the hobby and beauty of it by being like that. Easier just to be bitter alone

  4. By the sounds of it, you were given bad info from the fish store. Take what they say lightly and double check it on here or other sources. Sometimes you'll get an employee that actually knows what they are doing, but so often that is not the case.

  5. As of yet no they are both swimming fine, eating, no spots or anything. Could it be from switching filters too often? I change it every 4 weeks normally

  6. That can absolutely do it. You shouldn't switch the filters until they start to fall apart. Even then you should do one at a time if possible.

  7. How long has this tank been set up? Ammonia and nitrite levels should be taken care of right away.

  8. Damn, sounds like the swap didn't work as planned. If you brought over enough media you should have had an instant cycle.

  9. Synodontis really don't breed in aquarium. Rare, but not impossible. I've in fact experienced the same deal and he's still alive today. I found a baby raphael catfish that are said to never breed in captivity.

  10. Your media might be clogged and need to be cleaned so water can pass through better

  11. I’ve readjusted like 10 times to be honest and the filter has only been on for 2 weeks lol.

  12. Can you post a pictufe of the front of the tank? I'm just trying to get ideas. Maybe air is getting into the filter? Or the wafer level is too low? I can't see the tank so I'm just guessing.

  13. Cycle the tank and understand how the cycle works.

  14. what do you think hospital tanks are used for ? you dont turn to 96 with fish IN the tank lmao, also 86 helps speed up the ich in the fish it doesnt remove it from the tank at only 86

  15. Moving fish around is how we got here in the first place. Why would you take care of 2 tanks when you can just do one?

  16. Are you using ro water? Zero hardness and such low pH is crazy. Probably not the reason they are dying, but wouldn't be great long term.

  17. I didn’t know using R.O. water was bad for guppies. I’ve kept them in it for years!

  18. It's not exactly bad, it's just there are better options. Most fish will benefit from some of the minerals found in most tap water.

  19. I have used root tabs yeah about a month ago, thats probably what it is thanks

  20. Have a fireplace? Get a fire going. Have a net? Scoop them and put them in there.

  21. Water conditioner works instantly. If the fish are still alive and seem OK, you are likely in the clear.

  22. Providing info on the tank and test results is needed. Without that, it's anyone's guess what's going on.

  23. Love you Jimmy, if this is the end I hope you go somewhere good like the Jets

  24. Lol nooooo. The jets have destroyed every quarter back over the last 10 years.

  25. It is possible to get plants in there that they will not tear up entirely. I’ve had luck with swords, water onion and water lily.

  26. The long side was in the tank and on the short side was the hose

  27. So if the short side has any kind of air leak it'll loose suction and fall back to the tank. That piece of hose cut out to connect the 2 likely doesn't suffice as a real coupling.

  28. I don't think that there was air leak between hose and tube. It was a very tight fit. I don't know if the smaller diameter of the tube somehow affects siphoning.

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