1. I think Jessica from season 1 said she wanted to leave Marc during the 1st or 2nd day of the honeymoon n the producers wouldn’t let her

  2. Hell no sk doesn’t deserve zanabs emotional insecurity baggage hello no

  3. More power to anyone who embraces it but I won’t I even Brazilian wax so it’s ok to embrace and also ok if sum choose to remove it

  4. Yes seen it also check out love in the flesh Zara from love island uk hosts it

  5. He now just recent followed nahdjha now too n I agree with u original poster I eye roller when I seen he followed phoebe

  6. I was looking at YouTube videos the other day lol clips of episodes n there was a part where Nikki and Angelina were getting a drink together n Angelina said we always been cool n Nikki rudely says “ are u looking at me for validation “ she tried to make Angelina look stupid

  7. That was Nikki telling Angelina to just say yes we are cool, and not say it with a question mark. She was empowering Angelina to not look for validation through other people.

  8. S1 was wildddd no casa amor but the boys night out they brought two females back from the club to the villa

  9. If it was earlier I’d say just suck it up and go but due to the timing I wouldn’t go

  10. Lost my mucus plug at midnite 12am delivered a couple hours later at 3:50AM

  11. For her a gift card for food delivery like Uber eats or door dash

  12. Click the link it’s the intro for the challenge their in together as ride or dies

  13. omg no but i read she went on it. is it worth watching???

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