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  1. I’m surprised that you decided on her wearing heels, Phoenix is forced to do a decent amount of running in his adventures/cases and girl or not, I can’t imagine her doing all that in heels…

  2. Well, she's gotta trip and fall through a bridge somehow

  3. i love how you j added more feminine features and didn’t rlly change the hair cut or the clothes! (not that that’s a bad thing; i’ve j never seen a gender bend where the hair and clothes were kept the same)

  4. Thank you! I was debating a lot on whether I should've kept the suit or not :,)

  5. franziska von mommy 😍😍😍😍

  6. I just took a look at your twitter acc thanks to some comment. Amazing stuff man

  7. hot take but edgeworth would be beyond annoyed that someone messed up his system and now he doesn’t know where anything is. then he sees the note on the report and knows. he knows it’s gumshoe.

  8. Not a hot take, Edgeworth being annoyed at anything and everything is 100% canon

  9. I'm really loving these! I remember on your first post you said you had just started the series, do you draw these on a whim right as you encounter the moments or is it a while afterwards? As in, have you finished this case or did you draw it soon after that gay convo with Lana about Mia?

  10. Thank you! I draw them about a couple days after, so I'm actually still finishing up this case

  11. Ah I see! Rise from the Ashes is a pretty long case anyway. I hope you continue doing fanart for the second and third games, there are some characters I would love to see you do art of; I love your style!

  12. Considering how I'm currently obsessed with this series, I don't know when I'll stop 💀

  13. do you have an instagram or twitter i could follow?

  14. I can understand that sentiment: I avoided this series for years under the assumption it probably wasn't my thing. Then I buy it on Switch on a whim and what do you know, it's absolutely superb.

  15. I thought the same thing, too. I didn't think it was my thing then boom: Lawyer simulator addiction.

  16. Would she still offer a share not knowing whether it actually tastes good? Wouldn‘t a bad tasting burger just ruin his mood even more??

  17. Haha no no you were great! I was about to give up lol

  18. I've got a twitter (@AngieM_Z) but it's mostly stupid drawings that only I find funny

  19. I envy you, who has just now begun this journey. Ace Attorney is one of the very few long-standing franchises where I have always felt "I want more of these". The latest, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, was exceptional. You've got a lot to look forward to, and I hope you keep making sketches of them!

  20. I'm excited to experience the series; I'm really liking it so far

  21. It sounds like these prosecutors need to see a psychiatrist

  22. Marvelous! I loved the subtle distinction between Venom and Naked, they're are the same except for their expressions and behavior. Great work! May I use it as my banner?

  23. Decent art styles. But if you did not name him theres literally no way I'd of ever seen Raiden.

  24. Don't worry, the phone will be there for father's day

  25. Thank you, but clearly you are missing out on some rad content; I will now proceed to spam you with some of my favorite posts despite the fact that you never asked for it:

  26. Absolutely disco ! Do you have instagram or something to follow your hardcore work ?

  27. Thank you! My only other account is on twitter in case you're interested:

  28. Holy shit I literally just retweeted your art lol, I'm gonna go back and follow too because I adore this 🥺 Edit: WAIT no ignore me I forgot I was already following djxjxjsnsnsmam

  29. Thanks! It means a lot, I'm glad I can make people smile :))

  30. Beer dad Harrier DuBois vs Wine mom Harriet DuBois

  31. The virgin beer dad DuBois vs the chad wine mom DuBois

  32. There are decent games, and then there are games with a side fishing minigame

  33. Can you put this on a shirt so I can buy it?

  34. That's adorable. It's reminiscent of the link's awakening art style (which I guess was the main inspiration), and it works really well for Kirby.

  35. Thank you! And you guessed right, LA link for the win :D

  36. just checked your profile, love all your disco fanarts !! so blessed to see blueberry dubois and kim kiwitsuragi 🥝

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