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  1. Thank you okabe for becoming a mad scientist for our sake..

  2. No I don’t want that!! Being in the joint?? No I want to be a pussy for a while 10 years at least!

  3. Well what happened was since Kiryu was in the joint for 10 years it made him a fucking pussy

  4. When the ocean was splitting during that scene I thought. “Oh shit they were hiding a nuclear missile” finding out it was a ship cool but nothing that would effect the world.

  5. To elobrate this is only available to ALPHA users currently.

  6. How can you check what kind of user you are? Apparently have had an insider account for a year now but never downloaded the app till today so don’t know this stuff haha

  7. Go to the insider app then click on previews and you will see what access you have

  8. Vert well, I think. How else do you think his boys become stupidly loyal to him.

  9. Well majima is a character.. so they might want to stick around on his crazy antics

  10. I wouldn’t recommend this kind of low effort post… not a fan.

  11. You have the store link? Can't find it on Goodsmile.


  13. Wait your telling me there’s no dame da ne? 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  14. Both the original yakuza game and kingdom hearts 2 (which I believe is the game xigbar first appeared but if he was in chain of memories he was before majima) released the same year

  15. He wasn’t in chain of memories perhaps he was mentioned but not shown until kh 2

  16. God I love 139 Eren he is so based and Chad and fucking based.

  17. What did Kentucky berk jerk puck mario mean by this?

  18. No I don’t want that! My mother putting a time limit on my phone! No I want to fap to Lana Rhoades for a while! 10 years at least!!

  19. No I don’t want that! Ginny finding another man!? I want her to think about me and no one else for the rest of my life! Even after I die… I want to be at the front of her mind for a while! Ten years at least!!

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