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UPDATE: GoFundMe is taking away money from that one totalpieceofshit that faked neurological damage by vaccine

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  1. MortgageNewsDaily is pretty good, and they do a good job of explaining why rates move.

  2. LO here & 100% concur. Mortgage News Daily is my go to and has been since 2009. Ignore articles like these from mainstream. And yes, today was an especially bad day for rates.

  3. If they give you over $16,000 they have to report it to the IRS. The IRS will not tax them on this but will just keep a record of it. They will only be taxed when they go over the limit of lifetime amount which is $12.06 million.

  4. To add - that’s if they give you over $16k in any given year they have to record that on their taxes (But not pay tax until they reach $12.06million). And that’s individually. So your mom can give you $16k without reporting it and your dad can give you an additional $16k without reporting. But reporting is no biggie.

  5. To add-if you have a co-borrower, mom & dad could each give him/her $16k as well.

  6. Not only states, but many counties & even municipalities do as well.

  7. Good to know!! What are different ways to apply for certain grants? Would someone be able to apply online, through a lender, through a bank, etc? I’m not so sure how to go about applying tbh! :(

  8. I first determine how much they need and look at their income. As other have stated, some grants have an income limit for not only the borrower but for anyone that will be living in the home. Others target specific zip codes. Most only allow one form of downpayment assistance. My bank does offer a 0 downpayment with no MI portfolio product that allows assistance programs to pay the closing costs. It’s however only for homes in the county where my bank is located.

  9. Your lender should be able to help you. I’m a lender at a bank & I do it for my borrowers.

  10. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. My mother came home from two weeks in the hospital after a dramatic suicide "attempt" (she took a bottle of valium, it wasn't nearly enough to kill her, it takes a LOT of benzos kill you) and looked me right in the eye and said, "This is your fault, because you're a bad girl and I hate you."

  11. I was 5 when my “mother” did something similar. She was going through a divorce with my father. My father got full custody of me and my brothers

  12. I'm glad your dad was there for you. If he's still with us, give that man a giant hug.

  13. He is and I will!! Btw, I know the pain you speak of. I am so sorry.

  14. In your initial disclosures you would have signed a 4506c. Do recall if it said W-2 or 1040? It can only say one of those or the IRS will reject the request.

  15. I looked through all of the Disclosures and it has both Return Transcript and Form W2 marked for the last 3 years.. if nothing has been said at this point is it possible I'm okay? Like, I would assume my LO and the Junior Underwriter would have said something by now, right? They both have been amazing and communicative throughout the whole process so I find it unlikely that if these things weren't complete or confirmed I wouldn't have made it to underwriting in the first place?

  16. Then they are getting W-2 transcript. And yes, you should be fine.

  17. Are you paying cash or getting a mortgage? If mortgage, when the appraiser sees some of these issues, they will make the appraisal subject to repairs. Loan can’t close until the repairs are done & a final inspection by the appraiser signs off on them.

  18. We used First Look Home Inspections and were happy with them. They also recommended we get an additional inspection by a structural engineer due to some cracks in the brick portion of our home. We used Poe Engineering for that inspection and were also happy with them. Both provided good, thorough reporting.

  19. I’m a lender & I always recommend PHI - David Morgan. 901.382.2262

  20. I found his great great nephew. Sending this to him now. Edit-Actually it’s just one great. George was his grandfather’s brother.

  21. LO here. Rates went up today (6/1). $450,000 purchase price & loan amount of $360,000/ 30yr conv /750 FICO, I priced Friday @ 5%. Today it’s 5.25% or costing $2,250 to get back to the 5.

  22. Loan officer here. We turn a debt monitoring system for each loan that sends us an alert if your credit is pulled during the process. We don’t pull your credit again unless credit report has expired. Right before closing, we double check the monitoring system to make sure no credit pulls or new accounts have been opened.

  23. From what I have heard, a lot of employers pay their employees on BOA cards. This seems to be especially the case with warehouse positions. They have to go to the ATM or branch to access their money.

  24. Rubberband Man always makes me smile.

  25. To those of you who said their loan was been sold more than once, keep in mind that it may not have been sold but the note holder may have someone else servicing the loan.

  26. Miracle Whip is not mayonnaise.

  27. Jackson avenue in the foreground? What's that church with the huge steeple there?

  28. Mosaic Church @ McLean & Jackson.

  29. This was my daughter’s patient last Thursday a.m. For the 1st time, in all of this shit show she deals with as an ICU nurse, she BROKE down. She had to not only tell the patient you’re good as she was incubating her, she had to tell her mother & fiancé she had passed.

  30. Rimante Kaulaviciute, the original organizer of the GoFundme is actually Dominque. If you look at Rimante Facebook pic, hair dyed black but it’s her.

  31. "Doctor information" ahh yes! Her "Doctor" Mark Ghalili, Mr. Scam himself.

  32. He looks awfully similar to her “groom” in the wedding pictures.

  33. Elvis Presley autographed tablecloth from Las Vegas Hilton.

  34. Jeeez.... True story, I almost went with fairway. They were suggested by my agent as a trusted lender she had worked with, and they did my pre-approval.

  35. To be fair, rates can change sometimes within a day. Rates I quoted last week are higher today. You cannot lock a rate until you have an address.

  36. Loan officer here. Title companies are backed up now too and are taking longer than usual to get the docs to attorneys.

  37. That is so cool! I have pictures of my grandmother in her cape but unfortunately she didn't save it.

  38. If there is a neighborhood you are interested in, see if they have a Facebook or Nextdoor page. I see a a lot of posts in mine where people will say they are about to list their home.

  39. Are you paying cash for the home or applying for for a mortgage loan?

  40. Was asking because if appraiser sees these issues, he/she may require them to be fixed before the loan can close.

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