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  1. The only part of this picture which is accurate is the "war" part. Greenwald has written about how the anti-war movement inside the democratic party has been snuffed out and now most energetic opposition to foreign wars come from the GOP.

  2. RTX 3060, the sweet spot for most people, is still above MSRP - nearly 2 years after launch. Pathetic.

  3. At this point in the cycle, they should be well below the original MSRPs, but getting a FE at MSRP is still a huge victory.

  4. I’m not the only Hindu. This death is on white (justin bieber) hands. If you know, you know, flow, show, go, yo, w.e. Also India is 99% Hindustaan. Hundo in a bit. We’re not a flip o the switch. These radical extremists of Islam are chosen by who? We’ll see. Controlled by their own religion in the worst way, in anger. Also, you’re using the word dharma wrong

  5. The Chinese memory chip producer Yangtze Memory Technologies plans to bring online a second plant in its home city of Wuhan as early as the end of this year, sources familiar with the matter say, in a move that could further close the company's technology and output gap with global leaders like Samsung of South Korea and Micron Technology of the U.S.

  6. Does the West even have enough artillery to give to Ukraine to make a strategic difference? I was surprised the production numbers for modern artillery are quite low, in the hundreds often.

  7. Even if Ukraine was flooded with artillery pieces, people always forget that it takes weeks to train a crew. Months if you want them at a high level. And that ignores things like maintenance and repair. Russia has been very good at finding and destroying such places.

  8. How many tanks does Ukraine have left? I’ve seen people mention about a large scale counterattack but you would think without these that the chances of a counterattack are very little

  9. Once Severodonetsk and Lysychansk fall to the Russians where will the main action move? My expectation is for the Sloviansk-Kramatorsk area, but I do not follow operations as closely as many people in this thread. Any thoughts, comments, scenarios?

  10. Yes, Kramatorsk is the natural extention. That would mark the end of the Donbass campaign. After that, I suspect Kharkov and Nikolayev will be next. I think the Russians want the entire coast. I'm less sure if they want to capture Kiev (they would probably need more men).

  11. There are no concessions to be agreed to, short of Russian withdrawal from Ukraine. Only realistic way to stop this would be grownups (US or EU) telling Lithuania to knock it off.

  12. There are no adults in the room left, that's the conundrum. Kissinger might be one of the last ones alive, but he's getting heckled for his realism.

  13. In terms of substantive policies, AMLO is pretty continuous with recent governments, minus a few things. It's just that now he uses the words "neoliberal" and "conservative" to describe the left-wing critics of policies that are in many cases indistinguishable from those of his right-wing predecessors.

  14. Whatever you want to say about Maduro, any discussion of Venezuela without talking about crippling US sanctions is either a sign of idiocy or massive ignorance.

  15. The fact is that is that the 3080 released 21 months ago. If things were normal, MSRP would have been lower to begin with and we would have been under the original MSRP for a year or so. We would've already had the clearance sale to purge stock before the 4000 series launched. The same goes for AMD's cadence.

  16. Right. I think the real benchmark is where the 1000 series was after almost two years (adjusting for inflation). The tail-end of the 2000 series caught the first real cryptomania, which diminishes its relevance.

  17. Doubtful that Israel does much more poorly on a per capita basis than e.g. Sweden.

  18. The FBI increasingly comes off as an American version of Stasi, where the goal is to politically protect the liberal Establishment - by doing these kinds of harassment campaigns - rather than to prevent crime.

  19. I wonder if there's a Deputy Director that is very fond of Gretchen Whitmer, or if she has blackmail material on someone there. First the kidnapping plot, now arresting her most likely opposition. She has a very good friend in the Bureau.

  20. I think this is way bigger than just Whitmer. There appears to be an instutional bias in the FBI towards serving a single political party.

  21. Russian policy and doctrine don't emphasize things like SEAD or PGMs as much as the west in general or the US in particular. They don't invest as much in those capabilities as a deliberate choice. Just like they choose to invest more than the US in things like SAMs and submarines. On a relative basis, obviously.

  22. Keep seeing reports like this but the front line has barely moved in three weeks

  23. I stopped reading after the second line - "In South Asia, North Africa and the Middle East, most women remain secluded." - which shows the author has not actually spent much time in South Asia, North Africa or the Middle East. Not every country is Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan...

  24. From public life, i.e. high positions of power, they mostly are. Evans was mostly focused on elite advancement in the early part of her essay.

  25. Eva Zubeck and Alex Reynolds (Lost with purpose) are travel Vloggers who have done solo travel trips throughout Pakistan. You can watch their videos on Youtube. Your misconceptions are unfounded.

  26. She was literally paid by Pakistan's government to do these vlogs. She admitted it herself later.

  27. He's probably just making outlandish statements. He was talking about nuclear war in 2021 when he unleashed illegal immigrants on the EU's eastern border. I'd not focus too much on clowns like that. The real guy in charge of Belarus at this point sits in the Kremlin.

  28. 7.5% of 1.38 billion is still 103.5 million cars.

  29. Also, most visitors tend to visit the richest cities(e.g. Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi) where the concentration of cars is greater than the share for their respective surroundings.

  30. I am not sure if this is CW Roundup material, but it did not feel like it should go elsewhere, so here it goes.

  31. Many Middle Eastern countries are wealthy but do not tolerate heresy. Wealth alone will not create a liberal democracy or even semi-liberal one .

  32. Oil in many ways created unique conditions that aren't possible to replicte otherwise. Social liberalism seems a necessary - but not sufficient - pre-condition for material wealth.

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