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VietNam's cursed images #32

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  1. Are there anyone here who likes Mikhail Red's films? Personally, I don't like them. There are lots of plot holes and dumb twists in his films. Binawi na lang sa cinematography. It was not even that impressive. Overall, they're meh.

  2. you've described modern non-bomba and non-MMFF Filipino cinema in a nutshell lol

  3. Haven't watched any of them because I know they're trash. I just watch selected clips for educational purposes. *wink

  4. damn. i thought it sounds weird and familiar when gon does this in hunter x hunter

  5. Usually naman ung mga employee sa Munisipyo hindi permanent workers. Pag napalitan ang Mayor phase out rin sila. I'm speaking from experience, unless marunong kang mag play ng "Balimbing card" hindi ka maaalis sa Mayor's City Hall.

  6. where to buy phlpost commemorative stamps? im looking for the araw ng kagitingan 80th anniv stamp. is it available on phlpost branches?

  7. Di ko sure kung gumagana pa yung delivery nila sa fb... check mo na lang hehe pero nagbebenta sila stamps sa branches hmmm baka pwede magpa order

  8. Available ba siya thru philpost branches or through delivery lang talaga?

  9. i really liked this episode. kinda surprised that a lot of people are disappointed

  10. Unpopular opinion to this sub, but Bored to Death has my favorite bridge of all time.

  11. I guarantee you, the first holder would not like the power of the titans coming to an end.

  12. ang alam ko basta may parental consent pwede magpakasal ang age what 12 and above? correct me on the minimum age.....then there is the Islamic civil code for the Muslim citizens. sa VAWC papasok lang ang crime pag nagcomplain sila. kaya sana may magtayo sa inyo ng partido na idelohiyang progresibo at makatao ang pundasyon ng pagiging miyembro.

  13. no. hindi pwede magpakasal ang 17 and below. ang tinutukoy mo ay age of consent to engage in sex.

  14. they play better than my band and we're in our late 20s. in our defense, we play music as a hobby tho. this kids have more probably more practice than us

  15. daamn $950 is equivalent to a year and half rent for my room back in college and my room looked better than this.

  16. yown! kailangan ko kasi eh. thanks sa reply. pagpalain ka ni bathala

  17. Pag uutang kayo tapos sinisingil na kayo wag kayo mang inbox zone. Potanginang kabastusan yan eh pamayat maya ka naman nag shashare ng kung ano ano sa Facebook tas di ka makareply? Katarantaduhan.

  18. Kumbaga kasi parang most ambitious crossover event yan para sa marami haha. Highschool and college me would love to attend that tbh pero ngayong "boring adult" na ako wala na ako energy para sa mga ganyan. I don't even listen to those music anymore.

  19. Ako di na naka-move on sa music noong mid-2000s. Not saying na ayoko ng mga music ngayon, nakikinig din naman, pero mas trip ko yung music natin noon.

  20. Cursed Image 6: that looks like a Survey Corps soldier in the brink of being eaten by titans.

  21. Korean films are just Filipino films with bigger budgets. K-Films are as cringey and sometimes as dumb as Filipino films. Not saying that K-Films as a whole is terrible tho. Probably just the mainstream ones.

  22. While I do agree na marami nga cringey, I still must say na baka maling movies lang napapanood mo. There are a lot of top tier korean films with great stories paired with wonderful productions (park chan wook, bong joon-ho, kim jee-woon). I'm basically saying na there's a reason that their film industry is famous.

  23. Nanonood din ako ng magagandang Korean films by top Korean directors pero nagta-try din ako manood ng mga mainstream korean films. ayun na nga yung napansin ko.

  24. That feeling of relief when a meeting is cancelled

  25. And the terrible feeling that its rescheduled a week or two later

  26. I fixed most of my computer problems by just googling. Cant understand why people cant do what i can do

  27. at least Moonstar88 thrived with Maychelle. i can't name any great bands who lost a charismatic vocalist and still made it big with their new vocalist.

  28. While Communism advocates the overthrow of the ruling elite, it is not a purely evil ideology. It is not terrorism per se or whatsoever. What’s even your point? Read his works and you’ll understand.

  29. It’s not purely evil. It just doesn’t work in practice. Read up on history and you’ll understand.

  30. It doesn’t work yet. Anyway, we shouldn’t disregard Marx’s diagnosis of the contemporary capitalistic society. The exploitation of labor bu the ruling elite is not just a theory or an idea, it’s actually happening.

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