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  1. And money itself doesn't turn people evil. Their circumstances(impoverished, under attack) would make them kill for money. Not the money itself.

  2. yep yep thats what i meant kinda, understandable ^^

  3. There’s no tab targeting in BDO. Connecting your attack to your target requires you to aim and can in fact whiff if you literally miss your target. I can’t go back to a tab targeting game.

  4. agreed, tab targetting sucks after playing this, 100% best combat in any mmo out there imo

  5. I heard that damn dog while reading this.

  6. I mean, the developers said Multiplayer would come soon after release but we're still waiting so idk

  7. reminds me of no man's sky, so it might actually happen we never know

  8. Try to apply mount insignias and power to all loadouts, back then it worked for me always

  9. I can respect that. A cigar, then. Or if not, some grape juice. Everyone loves grape juice.

  10. bwahahahah, i only drink water and dont smoke 🤣but i can make an exception 😅for the juice i meant

  11. Only if you turn water on when showering.

  12. Good luck finding time for yourself lol, but then again, i guess gym is me time

  13. Middle school band that only played 2 songs

  14. bwahahaha, atleast it was an experience u wont ever forget!

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