1. I’d say potion approaching as it is literally about sex

  2. I swear it’s the longest song? Or who the f are Arctic monkeys

  3. I’d tell him he was a little too wild during the 70s

  4. I feel like pretty visitors seems like it should be hard for Alex. He’s bassicly rapping in it

  5. The final day was annoying, all these games and I could only watch 3. 2 weeks in a row I havnt been able to watch my team on Sky

  6. I'm honestly 100% serious? Never heard of him until I woke up this morning and he seems to be on everything Reddit, Twitter fb? I could Google I guess but I can't really be arsed?

  7. Cause it sais based on championships I think Rangers and Celtic should be here

  8. You’d get executed for doing this between rangers and Celtic

  9. We need the camera man to play in this one (idk his name sorry)

  10. Number one party anthem or a certain romance. My 2 favourite songs + they seem suiting to end on

  11. Well you said crazy, so I think cork city will win the prem. trust me on this one

  12. It’s cool but how does it have anything to do with madfut and how would you interpret cards into it

  13. How can you find that boring? Did you switch off at lap 20?

  14. I’m a teenager but no way I’m joining that sub ever

  15. I’m in the uk and can’t even watch all prem games with sky

  16. Damm i had no idea liepzig went from the 4th tier to champions league in 5 seasons

  17. The only football club I know or am consistently aware of is AFC Wimbledon, but I’m happy for Liston Town!

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