1. No, it was fun briefly, but gets exhausting surprisingly quickly. And things can get really out of control. Sooner or later, you'll want sleep, and to not have your stuff trashed, and you'll get tired of dealing with the cops and landlord.

  2. Radio repairman used to be a lucrative tech career in the early 20th century. When's the last time you hired someone to come out to your home and repair your radio?

  3. Most other people in my area were murderers. But yes they were good conversationalists.

  4. The IRS. They give you all the forms and instructions, and you don't even need an account or anything. Don't need to pay for anything or use any buggy software. Can just fill 'em out and mail 'em in.

  5. I don't think we had 'decade' days back when I was in school. Certainly don't remember any.

  6. I think it's supposed to just be "smash" in English, but because of the dramaric Japanese voice acting, it sounds closer to "SOOOOOMAAAAAASH"

  7. In both messaging apps and email clients, conversations are typically sorted with the newest first (by default) so that when you open it up, instead of seeing the same old conversations every time, you see the newer, current, more relevant ones.

  8. I don't know anyone that even turns the ringer on except by accident. Years ago we did. But then spam calls from spoofed numbers basically took over the voice channel and everyone moved to using messenger apps instead. Not worth having it ring all the time when you only maybe get 2 legitimate calls per year.

  9. Family: not without messaging first, generally. Maybe one or two times a year, when they're out and too busy to message. Then it's in your contacts list and after the buzz you can see it's them before you pick up. Drs, no, they still just send snail mail.

  10. No. The US is massive. The odds are incredibly low. Foreigners see everything here through such a narrow scope but it's still amazing how ignorant and clueless they are on every topic lmao.

  11. Yeah, but you have to understand the reason they think that. They have really tiny countries.

  12. Can you imagine living in any modern country where nearly 250,000 people illegally crossed their borders a month? If that many Chinese crossed into Iran what would be their response? If 250,000 a month, entered illegally from Russia into England or France or Ukraine? What if that many crossed from North Korea into south Korea? Suffice to say most people living those countries would take issue to that happening.

  13. Sure, there are fewer people crossing the land border between China and Iran, and fewer people walking from Russia across the border to England.

  14. Bottled beer goes skunky, while canned beer gets a weird fruity aftertaste that isn't necessarily bad, but is also not at all what you expect.

  15. We put out havahart traps and put food in but also clothes we had worn so the cat would recognize the familiar smell. Also sometimes just shaking a bowl of treats is enough to bring them running if it's a sound they're used to meaning treat time.

  16. It’d also be great if restaurants actually made sure there was wifi available or at the very least good phone signal

  17. And if they made sure the QR codes were actually scannable in the low restaurant lighting.

  18. Nope, usually it is a term for anyone in the USA.

  19. Hot take, this shouldn’t be an ‘extra hour’ this should just be part of core curriculums. Save specialized sciences and maths for higher education and students that actually need it later, use that time for these necessary life skills instead.

  20. They are already part of the core curriculum. You learn to read, write, follow directions (cooking) and fill in forms (taxes), fill in the multiple-choice bubbles on standardized tests (voting).

  21. Yeah, I can figure out how to do my taxes, but what happens if I'm doing it the wrong way?

  22. Rampant crime was the mid 90s. We did come up with a solution - move forward in time to the 2020s, when the crime rate is much lower.

  23. Why not both? My family likes the convenience of the paid streaming sites (work well on TV and often have the latest stuff) and I like oddball old movies and shows that aren't on the paid streaming sites but are piratable.

  24. Mens ability to sneeze and gain muscles or loose weight. My brother managed to loose weight by sitting on his arse all day. I know this isn’t true for everyone

  25. Out of 100k people, someone would figure out a way to beat the tank. They might not convince many, but it only takes one.

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