1. should i call the store early in the morning and let her know for myself?? i tried calling the store after i left but the assistant manager didnt answer

  2. Just send her a text (assuming u have her cell number). Otherwise just call the store sometime tomorrow to let her know. It’s not a big deal and it has happened to all of us.

  3. Weird that u posted this bc I had a very similar experience 2 nights ago after smoking a large dose of weed. I felt something open the top of my head and then I felt a very cool sensation in the area and it reminded me of cold water. I then felt a very strong vibration on my forehead and fell asleep

  4. Your Mileage May Vary. Yeah, pay attention to the vibes of objects in thrift stores, especially books, but consider the possible effectiveness of your cleansing rituals. Balance your skills against how strong the negative energy seems, if the item in question could help you in some way.

  5. I also want to add this…please avoid mirrors in thrift stores as they often have attachments

  6. This is my question too…. Bc this will make a huge difference in your options

  7. I honestly found these insulting, it's a coupon that anyone can use, customers included. Got me thinking employees should have a permanent 10% discount year round.

  8. If you have a W2 with your full social on it, you can use that in place. Also a passport will cover that, unless they just need the actual number

  9. I did it during the first 6 mos of Covid and the local office was shut down. I did everything online. If you do have to visit the SSA office now, make sure you setup a myssa account and get an appointment before going. Saves hours.

  10. Awesome advise and I definitely will bc I love having the option to do things online versus in person

  11. People can leave blunt reviews nothing wrong with that. Also vendors use colorants to make it more appealing just like companies put colorant in foods so that makes total sense that some vendors would do that. I’ve seen tons of people say okies wasn’t great for them people are allowed to share a negative opinion. But it’s also weird that you’re blaming this other company for the bad reviews. Again just seems like this whole post is rooted in being butt hurt over a blunt review. That other company also didn’t blatantly accuse them of anything they were literally just sharing information about some practices that go on in the kratom world so to speak. But this review has literally nothing to do with that and it’s weird and in poor taste you brought that up🤷🏻‍♀️

  12. I agree with you. OP should be allowed to share his experience. I’ve read great things about Okie but I have also read other reviews like this. It just depends on the persons.

  13. I find a lot of helpful info here and I work for a FD. Feel free to message me if u have any questions or need to vent. I know how it can suck your soul away.

  14. We have a small store too. I feel your pain... Over whelming and stressful.. I'm not tripping off it anymore... I'm moving how I get paid..

  15. Wow! What a change! I can see your beautiful glow and you look so much more healthy. Congratulations!

  16. dr phil. dude treats mentally ill people like a freakshow. hes a hack too, not had a doctors license or a therapist’s license for yonks

  17. I fucking hate Dr Phil. For one, I use to be a drug user and relapsed a few years back. My family did not support me or help me, but they treated me like a parasite and humiliated bc that’s what Dr. Phil does to people. My mom called my kids schools, told their teachers and counselors and every person she knew that I had relapsed. And she and my siblings all LOVE that quack of a doctor.

  18. My SM has a sign that says no cash back bc of this reason. However, customers still use it when checking out but most have learned to ask first if we have the money. So usually around shift changes we would not do a cash back but sometimes we still have to if the customer ignores the sign and uses the feature when checking out.

  19. Well i will kudo's to that. Each to his own but I have had a very interesting year on the ice, it's given me the opportunity to open myself up to a completely different view on everything. At first I experienced a few odd events, but over time it has given me the opportunity to just be one with myself.

  20. I am 2 years sober from ice. But it was a very spiritual drug for me (I know it’s not for most). But I am glad to be free of it and I am thankful for what it taught me too.

  21. Don’t ignore a toothache. Abscesses can lead to sepsis that’ll destroy your whole body. Take care of those luxury bones!

  22. This happened to me. I was in the hospital for 2 months for sepsis. I kept asking them to help my tooth but they never brought in a dentist or looked at it. I kept telling the doctors and staff that it’s from a tooth infected. They discharged me to a nursing home 2 months later(I am in my 30s) to get IV antibiotic and I discharged myself from the nursing home the first day I was there and made an appointment with the dentist. We treated the abscess and I was better after. That was pure hell.

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