1. According the article he's yet to go to court for the UK offenses. The battery lawsuit was the US trial

  2. I’m sure it’s very similar to deuxmoi. 99% fanfic

  3. at least he doesn't post open letters from stans (re the sebstan stan and piss heavens stans)

  4. true, his blinds have more of a hater energy than fanfic

  5. It's too much to ask for a good cleverly worded but not overly offensive or agenda based sewer of blind items I guess. Really feels like there are barely any decent sites anymore. It's down to this disaster duo

  6. depp hired a spin doctor lawyer named adam waldman to defame amber heard for the larger part of the last few years

  7. Was Depp the one that shit in his own bed? Amber Heard is a piece of shit too.

  8. Look, I don’t think you’re getting the point. Imagine another future instance of a celebrity attacking another physically over something petty. If Will Smith turns around and says he was right to physically assault Chris Rock, but this other celebrity was wrong…he may be a hypocrite and he may be a jerk, but what he’s saying about the other celebrity is still correct.

  9. Well he also made some pretty gross assumptions about smiths mental health and put him on blast on live television when he could've said he preferred not to comment. And look, now he's retired!

  10. K, hate him all you want. He’s still right. I hate Chris Rock, but I didn’t want to see anyone hit him. Especially an even bigger hack like Will Smith.

  11. Oh god I literally got messages from an account claiming to be the illuminati asking me to get inducted as well as a Jim Carrey fake acct that i considered MIGHT JUST BE HIM (bc he also wild like that and probably has bpd or something). I was super deep into astrology and thought I was gonna prove it being accurate lmao.

  12. So wait did you get an illuminaughty recruitment email from fake icky rubber man or two separate messages from two diff accounts cuz that is high larious and dastardly

  13. Oh no an instagram account with 30k followers that messaged me trying to induct me in & i sent a few messages back, then blocked because I got scared😩 back in middle school I did a dive into researching the illuminati and I guess it still stuck with me

  14. lmao that reminds me of highschool me searching the deepweb

  15. If anyone is interested, this is what the second picture says.

  16. She looks beautiful, I hope she’s doing okay 🥺💜

  17. The pictures of her with her daughter warmed my heart ❤️❤️

  18. I think the Drake stuff really hasn’t had a smoking gun. The most we have is MBB saying she texted Drake which is hard to find incriminating enough for a cancellation

  19. Didn't billie eilish also know drake when she was underage?

  20. This one and the accompanying animation are my fav. Also my fav bond movie overall. Just spectacular

  21. No idea, but I love that Reddit is a shit ton less toxic than Twitter. Not sure why more don’t move over here.

  22. Format and algorithm aren't nearly as addictive or adept to modern social media. This place functions more like a forum or board which might be weird to some of twitters younger more frequent users

  23. It’s hard to cut off an abusive parent when they are all you know it was always just me and her now without her I’m scared 🧎🏾‍♀️I wouldn’t know what to do or how to handle things..

  24. Everyone in my immediate family has already cut my mom off. Then there is me. I don't know why I keep committing myself. Is it worth the occasional free dinner or shopping trip to know I'll inevitably have to face the gaslighting screaming mimis? Then why can't I let go?

  25. nevermind. we just had a mass argument. i cut her off. i cannot stand this any longer.

  26. when i was a teen we watched a lot of silly movies during my hospitalizations (have never been grippy socks as an adult). ace ventura, waterboy... now that i hate and fear j*m carrey i can't see the former the same at all.

  27. i thought i would lose my job recently because of an episode, but the other employee quit. i've been there five years and my boss and the older employees know i have issues, i just feel terrible now that we're understaffed. still unmedicated. still no insurance. had a car wreck the other week and claim is taking forever to process. this is hell.

  28. Surprisingly but you order a chocolate frosty and they give you a baked potato

  29. Beats me, but I've got this great idea for a movie. Now hear me out..

  30. I showed her and she says “he looks like he’s gagging. It’s making ME gag!”

  31. Your mother is hilarious, you should make a post with all her reactions to the Mario characters somewhere

  32. How this woman (and her family) has fans and relevancy will forever remain a mystery to me.

  33. Mama Kris keeps their names in the news. Whether anyone asks for it or not

  34. Maybe someone got tired of messing with Twitter and brought the Chaos into Google for maximum Thanksgiving shenanigans

  35. Nah dude, I get it. Honestly, this case lost all steam after Epstein died. When Ghislaine Maxwell was on trial, you barely saw any news coverage. At this point we need something massive.

  36. She gave permission to divulge names of "Johns" and they never came to light. There were also mentions of celebrity name drops at the trial who weren't in the black book according to people who were there on socials (but who knows how much of that is true)

  37. her english solos and the album with her band the volunteers are amazing. tellusboutyourself was one of my biggest surprises of 2021

  38. It's harder too cause I don't think all the members were even signed to BBC during the first debut song

  39. Wasn't the lore that Olivia trained for only a day or two before debut??

  40. Yeah! First run contracts usually last seven years (they used to last up to 13 years until the situation with TXVQ/JYJ went down), so they still have time left on the contracts, sadly.

  41. I don't know why I figured their contracts would start at their respective debut projects since they debuted at different times. My brain is mush

  42. What's up with all of these violent ass questions lately? You guys need some anger management classes or something.

  43. Roll out the down votes, but I genuinely hated The Godfather movies. They were so boring, nothing happens for a good chunk of them, the acting is dull, the general story is pretty lackluster.

  44. i'm a girl who's into some film bro movies and yet godfather series is an absolute nothingburger for me. it did nothing. it had no impact on me? I was bored

  45. I don't take into account ratings as much as I am a perpetual doom scroller and have trouble picking if there's nothing in mind. Too much to choose from

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