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  1. And then good old Pete slid in after. Dude is using the MAC system.

  2. Andrew Stormzy Will Sydney Salma and Candice for the win 🤌🏼

  3. i honestly couldn't believe it when i found out kanye doesn't even own the stemplayer lol, like wtf is kanye thinking?

  4. No i wouldnt think of poisoning a bunch of people whose involvement i dont know. I certainly would feel comfortable seeking revenge on people who i could confirm knew. But hell if im going to turn into a monster just because monsters hurt me. I dont live in a world where someone else needs to suffer because I did.

  5. Lol imagine thinking you know whether a stranger is being genuine or not. Just because YOU genuinely see yourself committing atrocities because you experience them yourself, doesnt mean other people see the world the same way you do. I know its frustrating when you cant get someone to see things the way you do, but thats how the real world works buddy.

  6. I think most people are just tired of Kanye “speaking his mind” nowadays. Everything else gets overshadowed by it, and it doesn’t help that his creative output (whether music, clothes) are trash lately.

  7. He should, he’s a huge reason why most of us even know Pete’s name. Kanye has given Pete so much free clout and cool points that you’d think he paid him for it. Most recently giving credence to the bullshit rumor that Pete has a “big dick” 🤦🏽‍♂️ I’m embarrassed for even typing that, but this is where we’re at right now as Ye fans.

  8. Pete at this point is celebrity community dick and I honestly love that for him , everyone gets a ride

  9. *when u don't love urself. Nigga was begging her earlier this year 😭😭 once a shawty loses respect its over

  10. I can’t for the life of me understand how that nigga ain’t lose every single ounce of respect for her after fucking Pete Daveson for the world to see while still legally married to him. I wouldn’t even be able to look at her anymore let alone publicly beg for her back.

  11. She's no saint, none of them are, but damn I feel bad sometimes. She deserves someone who actually wants to be with her. Sure, we don't know everything but its weird how in almost EVERY picture of them together, Travis is looking away LOL. Like damn... Idk if he's trying to look cool/nonchalant or maybe he's insecure but wtf.

  12. Y’all seriously do not know how to read a room. Him doing that is all apart of his schtick, in other words: He thinks it makes him look cool and nonchalant like you said. He’s really happy af to be with Kylie

  13. She might’ve liked Tyga but she definitely doesn’t like Travis lol

  14. Yeah, I’m going to pass on that album. I’m not a Drake or 21 Savage fan anyway.

  15. And these dudes aren’t? Lol I mean it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why some would consider them not to be in comparison to Kyrie, but then that only gives more credence to this meme in the first place imo

  16. Because being anti-science and racist is a good thing? Kyrie should know better.

  17. What about Adam Clayton from U2 and Naomi Campbell? Weren’t they engaged?

  18. There’s a lot of bangers honestly, she makes some great music. Not all of it but still.

  19. Man’s said this with his chest lmao y’all can’t possibly be serious. The bar is in hell for white singers smh

  20. Good lord this sub sucks, pete is a human who deserves our empathy too. This isn’t a “win.” Jesus, grow up everyone

  21. I mean, the guy fucked Kate Beckinsale, Ariana Grande, Kim K and Margaret Qualley. I’m pretty sure he is way more happier than any of us about his looks

  22. Ariana is a Mexican with fake hair and makeup. Literally everyone fucked Kim. Kate is like 60 years old and who tf is Margaret? 😂 I swear this dude gets way too much credit for dating five celebrities as if every other famous guy hasn’t done the same

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