1. dz0t says:

    So how did Dio heal Picci's leg, again? Power of crazy diamond?

  2. Dio still has vampire abilities. Vampires in Jojo have some basic biological manipulation skills - they can graft diffierent flesh from different animals together effectively, Dio in particular was known for using fleshbuds to control his minions in Part 3, and his own body had impressive regeneration as well. He probably used his vampire abilities to heal Pucci.

  3. The fact that Elon likes Deus Ex so much should really show how little self awareness he has.

  4. Elon Musk's, and many other techbro's, idolization of technology and it's future impacts are disturbing to watch unfold in real time. The fact that one of his favorite game franchises is Deus Ex is just a ridiculous cherry on top.

  5. "....Scalpel. Turn on the surgical camera. Aim at infected flesh."

  6. This is not attention to detail

  7. it is. the sentry gun AI works off basic image recognition. the AI is able to see through 47's Ted Mendez disguise because of this.

  8. All it takes is 40 billion dollars for a couple of years to solve world hunger. American Billionaires had a 1 trillion dollar increase in networth last year.

  9. Or autistic? Or not an English speaker? Or intellectually disabled? Or drunk? Or high out of your mind and feeling defiant? Yeah what could go wrong?

  10. Or simply scared and confused, like the victim in the original movie?

  11. This is such a nice spin on the signature suit. Although I quite enjoy how 47 thinks that this won't stand out in the somewhat casual nature of the suburb. Especially in the party where the fanciest dressed person is the enforcer suburban wife

  12. He must’ve forgotten to cross out DeSantis😂 Wish we could have a game where we play him coming for everyone 47 didn’t kill… RIP Lucas💔

  13. From where tho? Atleast for 47 he has the clothes but Layla? Uh inside her....

  14. I remember in the bumblekast Ian Flynn kept saying how there's no magic in the sonic universe despite not making sense with a ton of things.

  15. I'm convinced this is some sort of mistranslation. It would make more sense to interpret this as Sega wanting to focus on tech, which is fair enough when Eggman is the main villain 85% of the time

  16. lockpicks/keycard hackers/free poison/sniper is just too useful to justify bringing along 3 dinky coins when you can just shoot/throw objects/use distractions 99% of the time

  17. Is it just me or would Mendoza be great for pseudo-sniper assassin like The Vector in Colorado

  18. Thats a good idea and it would take less effort to make it.

  19. Really, it would be relatively easy. You could place the sniper nest either where the current sniper nest (with the two yate snipers) or maybe in hills past the vineyard somewhere. Cut some trees down, and you got a pretty good overview of Vinedo Yates. You could go ahead and implement the same mechanics from the Vector where you have to deduce who the targets are. Maybe you're trying to sniff out rival assassins or spies from the crowd. I think it could go pretty well.

  20. There's other ways down if you're having trouble with the cliffside. There's a passage inside the winery that leads to an elevator that can take you down to the plane, for example.

  21. its like refs dont even realise how hard it is to brake on a monster truck smh

  22. I don’t feel like this at all. I feel like at some point a defender is going to be holding the decapitated head of a QB, a couple flags come out and someone like you is going to be sitting on the edge of the couch muttering “God, you can’t even tackle anyone anymore.”

  23. People are soft these days man, you can't even shoot the QB with a high-powered rifle from the stands anymore. Might as well just play flag football

  24. From my understanding, the 47 grindset involves:

  25. I would imagine he's often researching and experimenting with top-of-the-line weaponry. The Sieger/WA2000 isn't cheap or in production anymore, after all

  26. My headcanon is the the Seiger is a third party produced take on the original WA2000, since there is so many variants of it and we see security forces like those in Mendoza use a ‘tactical’ version of it.

  27. I have a similar headcanon for the ICA19. Year can either refer to 1919 or 2019 and is an ICA knockoff of the M1911/AMT pistols.The Silverballers are made specifically for 47.

  28. I'm also pretty bad at the game, so I agree. I've just accepted I won't get the SA ET suits.

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