1. The point is that i + carthage together on order with 28 and 42 tourism, get beaten by this goofy solo 18 tourism Iroquiese.

  2. It has nothing to do with tourism output. It has to do with how much tourism you’ve been hit with, period.

  3. This shit is so frustrating. 1 Sentry, 1 Support, and 11 Scouts. I wonder if we’ll ever solve the mystery of why they can’t hold territories…

  4. Sometimes you just cannot attack. It doesn’t matter what you are doing if half your infantry are Scouts, you have 2 Medics, and your Tankers are sitting at the back of the map in Mortar Trucks. Read the lobby and figure out if it’s a shitty team or if it’s a you thing.

  5. The Factory variant is very good if you want an SMG that can be used at mid-range (and longer with the bipod). It has very little side-to-side recoil, and this makes it easy to control.

  6. Operations are more unbalanced than conquest because teams are not scrambled after each round (if you attack this round, you'll defend next round). So the only way teams change a bit is through people leaving and joining the server which takes some time

  7. Almost. You can also have the teams change manually by players switching onto the team with fewer players.

  8. People do a similar thing with Fortress Guns on some maps, too. It’s annoying, but nothing you can really do about it.

  9. Ah might just leave it at 2 then as it felt like a decent ending and dive into Callisto

  10. DS2 has a fantastic ending. It’s open-ended, but it almost feels like a “ride off into the sunset” ending.

  11. It sounds like you had an almost identical experience to me. I played Prime back in ~2002 after bingeing the hell out of Halo CE, one of the first games to really codify the dual-analog control scheme for FPS. I enjoyed the game until I got to Thardus, and I put the game down after burning out in the Phazon Mines.

  12. I must say I didn't think the phazon mines were that hard. I struggled a bit on my first playthrought when I was 13 years old, but I never really had any issues afterward. It's true that you'll almost certainly use a significant amount of hp, but it's not difficult to have enough e-tank for this section of the game.

  13. You may have been playing on the standard difficulty (and picked up an appropriate number of E-Tanks before entering Phazon Mines)…

  14. We had an Illya that harrased the entire team in operations having literally 100-1 on one round. Next round 25% of the team no joke just focused that stupid thing down and it couldnt make it to the point at all.

  15. The thing that everyone needs to get into their head is that you do not need to be on the AA-gun or using an LMG to shoot at planes. I’m tagging Attack Planes for 9-15 damage with every shot from my G95. My 1900 SHOTGUN is dealing 10 damage on every pass. You have a Mondragon? An RSC? An MP18? Just shoot that plane when it’s passing low (or flying away in a straight line). Even breaking up the pilot’s rhythm by forcing them to repair is worthwhile, but you get 4 or 5 players lighting up an Attack Plane or Bomber and it’s cooked

  16. It can be kind of fun, but I wish it had an objective associated with it. It’s SO campy in some matches, and there’s basically no point in loading up vehicles. Maybe it would work on a smaller map, but it doesn’t work in thr current set-up.

  17. Those deer are going to be 3-1 tiles upgraded with a Granary. And your cities will be on Tundra tiles, too. Tundra quarries and hills are all worth working.

  18. Bro… GotH comes online far later than a Granary, what are you on about? Pottery is the first or second tech you research, and Granary is often one of the earliest buildings you should build, ESPECIALLY when you are neck deep in deer. GotH not only requires building a Shrine and earning the necessary Faith to select a pantheon, but you also need to research Trapping, acquire a Worker, and upgrade the tiles.

  19. I agree for most situations but when you've been killed and in a kill zone that will just get your team's medics killed by trying to revive you, it's better to skip as fast as you can to keep you medics out of danger. I get just as frustrated with teammates that DON'T skip when they should.

  20. This is a falacy. You never know if your body ragdolled somewhere easy for a Medic to revive you. I’ve had some WILD revives where I get teleported 40-50m away and into perfectly safe cover. Let your Medics make the decision to revive or leave themselves.

  21. The easiest guns for new players are often jack-of-all-trade weapons with healthy ammo-counts, simple mechanics, and easy recoil patterns.

  22. Been a minute since I watch it, refresh my memory?

  23. In Season 3, Alucard is down to clown in an incredibly awkward threesome with a brother-sister duo of vampire hunters whose voice-actors speak and behave like school children.

  24. good one! i should try boomsticks after alll

  25. Shotguns are great, but damn does it suck losing your ability to hit targets at range. If your aim is solid, consider giving the Slug variants a go. Model 10-A and 1900 are cash with their ability to one shot targets up close and still two-tap at 50m.

  26. Mostly picking the PP because it's free, you know? With the Mangler at least you need to hit those shots, with the PP, there's no real question.

  27. The battery management of the Plasma Pistol is out of control. You could easily double the burn for holding a charge AND shooting a charge-shot, and it would still be a great pickup.

  28. The incendiary rounds on the Dogfighter Fighter Plane are really underrated.

  29. They’re fantastic. It’s just problematic how useless you are vs ground targets without Darts or Rockets…. Plus, both Spotting Flares and Auto Repair are WAY better than Speed-Boost.

  30. I'd say give them a choice between the 2. If you made a pact/bargain or your powers were a gift, use charisma. If you studied ancient/forbidden knowledge to gain your powers, then use intelligence.

  31. I feel like most of the stories you hear about a character striking a deal / making a pact for power involve some sort of forbidden knowledge. The character has often studied and labored over some ritual that summons or speaks to a powerful creature, and the pact is often not an equally beneficial deal. This fits far better with using Intelligence as the casting stat.

  32. I pick almost entirely based on the ping / connection. If there’s a queue, you know that the server isn’t likely to die any time soon. It sucks joining a game that says (62/64), but when you finally get to the deployment screen, there are fewer than 16 players on your team.

  33. I would be livid knowing my team refused to push in after all of that… immediately checking the squads screen to see what percentage of players are Scouts sitting back at the windmill, providing absolutely zero value.

  34. Listen I love that you destroyed them but t-bagging is reserved for other toxic players (other t-baggers) so I don’t like that you t-bagged. Nice kill tho.

  35. Constantly attempting to ghost-cap the back flags IS toxic play. These kind of squads do this shit every game and every map because the average player is so damn oblivious, they won’t turn around to defend flags on their own side of the map.

  36. That's literally the point of conquest.. it's not TDM, it's capture the flags. Flanking and taking unsecured flags is better than pitching a tent in the middle and achieving nothing. Just like how securing your flanks is important. As OP does.

  37. No, the point of Conquest is to be a casual sandbox mode. DICE have never argued that the mode has any competitive merit. I’m not saying Conquest needs to be a Frag-fest on a single flag in the center of the map; I’m saying that large team fights over the central territories is MUCH more interesting than spreading those same 32 players out over every inch of the map.

  38. One more thing, adjust the dreadnought so that ALL weapons can fire on the objectives. Not just your weapons.

  39. You’re right, but fat chance of that ever happening. People don’t even position their Tanks to make use of their side-gunners. Not a chance the type of player that drives Behemoths does any better.

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