1. You should call your bank to give them a heads up, but otherwise it's fine. Yes, the IRS looks specifically at transactions over $10,000. But this doesn't mean anything bad will happen. You're paying off a loan, not dealing drugs.

  2. Personally, as someone who recently obtained a masters degree in accounting and finance, BUT am not pursuing the CPA certification, I’m a bit confused about this argument.

  3. NYC audit starting salary is $80k now.

  4. is there a difference between this app and using the bing app?

  5. ChatGPT is still using data up to 2021 and is “closed off” from the web, meanwhile BingGPT tries to search the web to answer your question.

  6. Does BingGPT have an iPhone app?

  7. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bing-chat-with-ai-gpt-4/id345323231

  8. I've said that a ton of people are going to end up replacing those student loan payments with other debt payments such as a new car or other dumb shit.

  9. We’re definitely going to be resuming payments in a few months.

  10. Didn't see this coming. I suppose the Intel modems left a bad taste in their mouth, and anything to avoid the pricing structure of Qualcomm now they will shift to Broadcom. I hope they are at least as good. Unfortunately for me I use a 13 Mini and until they drop another small phone I'm going to keep it until it dies.

  11. I just hope the future 5G components are better on battery life.

  12. Were those the same recruiters doing TikTok day in the life videos?

  13. Congrats on your $134 weekly raise to do double the work lol

  14. A bit underwhelming, I mean, the M2 Air was announced at WWDC last year, and in this year’s edition, we are going to get… the same thing, just bigger.

  15. Press releases are meant for minor changes like a spec bump or a new color iPhone for existing products.

  16. Since you won't comment on FIRE or your career, then I won't either.

  17. It seems to me there is this weird vibe where current accountants try to discourage other accountants from joining the profession which will decrease supply in the hopes of driving up wages...

  18. WSJ: ‘Financially Hobbled for Life’: The Elite Master’s Degrees That Don’t Pay Off

  19. lol no, doctors are required to have a few years experience before they can get licensed, It’s called residency. Engineers have to work 4 years before they can be licensed. Lawyers are the only ones that don’t, but they have 3 years of intense graduate school before they can sit for the test.

  20. You think the CPA license doesn’t have an experience requirement? You need to have at least one year of public accounting experience, mainly audit, signed off by a current CPA license holder that you worked under.

  21. As a CPA I agree we need to get rid of the 150 credit requirement. It should be at LEAST 250.

  22. Why not 2500 with no grandfathering?

  23. That would make one eligible for the CPA exam around 101 years of age.

  24. I would just be happy if Apple fixed all the iOS bugs.

  25. Most CPAs are currently in retirement age so you have nothing to worry about. There's going to be a huge accountant shortage in a few years.

  26. There’s a huge accounting shortage right now.

  27. My first gen AirPods now have a full charge last about 15 minutes. Previously 4-5 hours. They’re not that old.

  28. AirPod batteries from 2016? No surprise the batteries don’t last that long anymore.

  29. The 150 Credit Requirement for CPA licensure

  30. He's not wrong, but it's important to understand that Airbnb has a vested interest in having everyone work remotely forever.

  31. Hopefully people buy it so I can get a cheap M1 lol

  32. Is this refurbished model from the Amazon Renew Store considered cheap?

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