1. I was going off of BarryCuda4’s comment. But the page below says that season five hasn’t been approved yet. So, I suppose that there is concern.

  2. Mind you last season they also renewed the show before finale of the season. So this is normal.

  3. Because her tamaran closet is just that great. The closet that burned in the ship where she trapped faddei but he escaped used his fire and burned the ship but dont worry she managed to take her entire wardrobe out in time. (my headcanon)

  4. Probably the best the show has been. More team dynamics, less splitting up and not working together. Still some logical leaps you have to make sometimes because they don't explain themselves sometimes but I'm having fun.

  5. What was a red hood story doing in a Titans show.... That's what I want to know.

  6. Imo judging by the insane promo they doing with constant tweets and promo videos they doing. I'd say they don't promo shows this well if it's their last usually you promo shows that has a future. Stargirl for example had no promo on the CW and surprise surprise it got cancelled. Same with Black Lightning. Promo usually indicates the networks faith in the product. We got a NYCC panel. Not just an ordinary panel either. A themed panel. Now I'm not saying this is a guarantee because it still possible it gets axed, but it's looking good so far.

  7. I completely agree. I like the actress, I like what she’s doing, but I’m not going to lie that i would have loved to see her comic story shown off

  8. Is the comic story in the room with us? Because her characterization is actually pretty spot on with TNTT.

  9. There are toxic fans yes. Just like Titans fandom, like star wars fandom. There always is toxic fans. I was making a point. To say that the more emotionally the art impacts the stronger people are willing to protect against negativity. Especially racism that persists today. They may not be direct they use 'bad acting' as an excuse when Anna is one of the best actors on the show. People love to veil their racism in many forms sadly.

  10. Some people need to try using empathy. From her POV as a 14 year old? Omg I would be annoying too.

  11. I feel like in Titans only Dick has a secret identity. The rest act like celebrity heroes. Which works for Kory, Conner, Rachel and Gar because the only family they got is each other. Dick is the exception because of his batman connection. However all the places they went to was places like Star Labs. Which is a known superhero collaborator in DC. Conner being exposed on TV doesn't do much. And Kent is a popular surname so no reason to suspect every Smith is related for example.

  12. Rachel: "You know what they say? Genetics is destiny" Warping noise And I laugh everytime. No one say that Rachel you just made that up. But she said it with her whole chest and I have to respect her for her audacity.

  13. I think she meant it in more of a sense of your born to become your parents which is actually said quite a lot around where I live I think it was just worded like that in show so it seems original

  14. Dick and Hank. S3 e3. HANK eats the "meat thing" that gar made. Dick comes in says that's its kryptos. And there was another line. Dick makes fun of Hanks police shorts. Hank replies: "Those are attack and pursuit shorts motherfucker". Alan line delivery made that already funny line hilarious. Miss Alan on the show ❤️

  15. She will not. I really liked her and Conner together. Not endgame but for the moment.

  16. The characters and how they interact is the best in any superhero show.

  17. I see Tim Drake learned a lot since getting shot on the back and making it back from “the bridge.” Dude is STILL just f-cking standing there…Dick, get that boy some training!

  18. If I remember this is probably days after they left Gotham he should be standing there! He has no training at all. Remember how Gar, Jason and Rachel were training for months on end. That's how it should be.

  19. S4 and s5 have already been greenlit supposedly and are set to be filmed at the same time :)

  20. I think shipping bbrae in Titans is weird simply because the actress for Rachel/raven was underaged when she started. It's giving grooming. And Ryan was like far older. So I think their place be friends/sibling in the show.

  21. All these comments trying to be cute and witty just answer the question lol. Definitely fringilla general freezing scene.

  22. 24 out of 25. The phrasing of one question caught me off guard.

  23. One of the best episodes of s3 imo. But as for explaining it, well a lot is happening.

  24. I mean we never saw it again once she got the gem. 1 + 1 = 2. It was most likely her demonic self which had a connection to her dad. When her dad took her demonic heart and crushed it to a gem that's probably what allowed her to get a power up as well as more control of her powers too.

  25. If I remember correctly Brenton thought this was for the DCEU and their Bruce would be Batfleck. Obviously in s2 they decided to go in a different direction. However that was always the intent just DC was very bad place in 2017 till 2019 mostly. So Titans if it actually was received well would have been in the DCEU. But the creatives fumbled it.

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