1. Rapists of all people should not be released early.

  2. It is better to protect the future victims than it is to gamble that these rapists are better people after being in prison. If anything they often get more violent and antisocial. If they learn anything from being in prison it is to become more cunning about the crimes they will do in the future.

  3. Actually, David Zaslav truly like TCM. Additionally, it's the only location where you can really see any old movies. Also very popular with Hollywood stars is the channel. Actually, the epidemic really aided it.

  4. It is funny to see the comments that equate these movies with old people. Anyone loving film should want to see the progression of films to where we are today. I am old enough that I remember when TV came out they didn’t have enough new content so they showed old movies. Any Boomer kid growing up was immersed in film from the 20’s , 30’s, and 40’s. As a kid I was fascinated by how people looked and talked long ago. Today I am struck by the change in technology and attitudes the old films show. For example in old crime stories a common element was the missed phone call leading to a dilemma for the protagonist. Another thing was the spouse being murdered because they would not “give a divorce”.

  5. Americans have been conditioned to hate unions. If you don’t have a union behind you in America and you have a dispute with the company you will find yourself being escorted to the exit by security.

  6. Editors give the titles to the articles they publish. Their goal is to make the title intriguing enough that you will want to actually read the article. There is never any article published anywhere that wanting to attract readers is not a factor. I understand that and am not concerned about it enough to post someone else’s product here and change their words.

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