1. That Romania and Roman Empire analogy is terrible. Romania is nowhere near where the Roman Empire started (Rome), while Rus’ state began in Novgorod, arguably even Staraya Ladoga, both of which are in Russia

  2. This doesn't change the fact that if you have 'Rus' in the country's name it is absurd to claim that Ukraine is a Russian land.

  3. Look at the Pandora Papers - they are all corrupt.

  4. No. Zelensky was a comedian at that time. You may call him a businessman who stored his property in some offshore countries. And I think he didn't even have a clue of what offshores were, because his property was managed by consultants, who were tasked to preserve his assets, which was essential during Yanukovich era.

  5. In case this is not clear, this is being played at one of the Kyiv metro underground stations. Kyiv citizens used to spend a lot of time underground in March, hiding from Russian missiles.

  6. Comedian has NATO offering intelligence, advisors, supplies, and weapons.

  7. At the beginning of the war, there was almost NO support from the west, mostly some javelins and stingers. Only after Ukraine has proven that it is capable of fighting and pushed Russians back from Kyiv - only then the west started supplying more heavy arms.

  8. i can guarantee you that they got support since the invasions of 2014, you don't just push back the russian army on hope and fervor alone.

  9. This was mostly training and intelligence support. This is still huge, for sure. Most of the arms were of Soviet or Ukrainian origin.

  10. According to UA laws it is forbidden to block access to water/ponds/sea/river/beaches. It is not easy to buy land next to the water, and even if you buy you must still allow access to it.

  11. It is hard to tell. To me this flag has a way darker blue strip than the Ukrainian flag. Also, a lighter strip seems to be above the blue strip.

  12. UA soldier: Hi brother, my fellow countryman. Where are you from?

  13. Kosovo is recognized by 97 countries (50% of the UN). Taiwan is only recognized by 13 countries. Even the USA only recognizes the PRC, they don’t recognize Taiwan. Taiwan doesn’t have a seat at the UN.

  14. The so called "referendum" happened after Crimea had been occupied by Russia. The whole thing was a complete forgery.

  15. Why? I am Ukrainian and I am for granting citizenship to him.

  16. Bit awkward for all those who upvoted those morning on the post falsely claiming it Russian troops getting hit

  17. Why falsely? At first, it appeared at Ukrainian telegram channels. Later on, ru telegram channels started posting it as if it were Ukrainian troops hit.

  18. But it makes more sense that it is Ukrainian troops being attacked by Russian artillery. They are coming from the direction of Ukrainian territory and are obviously on the move. The formation as they are walking in also looks more like Western tactics, but I‘m not entirely sure about that.

  19. You are probably right. If the place is geolocated correctly, then these are indeed most likely Ukrainian troops. Also scribble map shows that this is UA controlled territory, but according to the video it is ru controlled area.

  20. We have lots of sunflower oil producers, but I have never seen this Olenka brand. Maybe if you show the label with company details, it will be easier to pinpoint what company actually produces it. Sometimes products are designated for the export exclusively.

  21. The entire country is categorically pro Ukrainian.

  22. That’s awesome, never knew that! How much does a watermelon cost, in Kherson AKA watermelon-world???

  23. It is 30 cents per kilogram during the season (July-September).

  24. This wheat field needs to be harvested. I hope russkies will be pushed back enough for the farmers to resume harvesting. Millions of dollars worth of food is just being lost.

  25. Woah the ukrainian army regained control of an tiny Island that was abandoned by the russian army, I am sure this is a victory as significant as the fall of Lysichansk for everyone to only speak about it.

  26. 😂😂😂 gesture of goodwill

  27. The title is not accurate. There was a Ukrainian unity demonstration that would have otherwise just been a demonstration, but Pro-Russian supporters decided to storm it with bats, fire bombs, and even some guns. Some of the Pro-Russian supporters expressed the view that Odesa should become a separatists city, like some in the Donbas region. When some of those taking part in the Ukrainian unity rally were hit and even some killed by the Pro-Russian supporters the Pro-Russian supporters were thrown back, hard and violently. Pro-Russian supporters took control of a large building and barricaded themselves in the building, with stones and fire bombs still being thrown. Multiple fires started, most of which were well inside the building, and most were caused by Pro-Russian supporters mishandling their own fire bombs in the mess. Their own barricades caught fire and blocked them. Fire flashpoints in the stairwells could have only come from Pro-Russian supporters mishandling their own fire bombs, since the building was under their control.

  28. Not to mention that local authorities were loyal to Yanukovich and so they were on the side of so called "anti-maidan" (pro-Russian to be precise) supporters, so the actual anti maidan protest was conducted by the local pro-russian militia with the silent approval of pro-yanukovich authorities.

  29. How do you know they are conscripts???? Where is your evidence ???? You are making assumptions based on no evidence……

  30. Иди нахуй, чмо путинское. Куча видео с пленными призывниками. Это первое. Второе. На украинской земле вы найдете только смерть. Пидарасы. Третье. Бомбят мирные города русские фашисты. Но тебе конченному говну с промытыми мозгами не понять, что украинцы не бомбят свой собственный дом.

  31. Where is it? Not a single building is destroyed.

  32. Why are you being pro-russian? I am Ukrainian, but my native language is Russian, because I was raised in southern Ukraine. Honestly, after all their atrocities I hate Russia so much. We will resist until every Russian scum has been killed here. We did not welcome them. It is the Russia that needs to be denazified, not Ukraine.

  33. This does not seem to be Kyiv. At least car plates indicate that this is Dnipro area (not the city, but any place in the oblast)

  34. The subtitle in the video says "41st day".

  35. This doesn't seem staged. However, all Ukrainian soldiers in Mariupil wear blue armband. Also, as the other commenter noted the weather in this video seemingly doesn't match the reality. We have seen a lot of footage since recent days and it's always been cloudy.

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