Here's Marjorie Taylor Greene denying that she ever said Speaker Pelosi was a "traitor to our country" and then being presented with evidence that she, in fact, said that.

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  1. 24. Wait as long as you can because what is cool to you at a young age will make you roll your eyes when you are older.

  2. Got my first one at 18 then another one at 19. Glad I stopped there because I had a list of tattoo ideas that I would’ve hated now at age 31. Though my second one started my love affair with the American traditional style which is what my 3rd one (2021) is, and 4th one will be.

  3. Where did you find this ? Haven’t seen them in Sabres store and the only one online was skinner for whatever reason

  4. It came sewn on already! I was surprised considering I kept hearing people had to buy them separately.

  5. The fact that those paper condiment cups are designed to expand to make a HUGE condiment cup

  6. Nope! WNY. About an hour south of Buffalo. My fiancé and I took a trip to Fazoli’s in Canton last year for my birthday because it was the closest one to us. We decided to make a weekend out of it and stayed at an AirBnb in Alliance!

  7. Omg that’s so cool😂, was it the small little airbnb?? That’s the only one I know of in alliance

  8. It was pretty close to Mt. Union College, that’s all I really remember lol

  9. He grinds hard and he makes other players better. He doesn’t shine on his own but I think he likes it that way. Solid team player.

  10. As tempted as I am to say Buffalo, I don’t really know if they need it. Plus the last thing I want for them is another situation where we have a version of “Eichelmania”. I love our core at them moment, save for a few players like Miller, Eakin and Bjork.

  11. Guitar solos are pointless and sound totally uninspired for the most part. Exception: Derek Trucks Band

  12. I really don’t understand the point of selling ad space on jerseys when there are ads all over the ice and on the boards already. Is a tiny little advertisement on a players jersey really gonna drive sales that much?

  13. Someone I know was a nurse for 2 years in the 90s and still has a superiority complex about it. Queue the unsolicited, ill-informed opinions about anything and everything medical.

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