1. I'm sorry, but I think he doesn't care. He loves the dog because he raised it for a few months, so he can go on not caring about the family who lost the dog they raised for years (probably).

  2. I can't imagine someone being so homophobic that they'll look over the fact that the ex is a pedo. I can understand you not wanting to hurt your family in the letter, but I feel like you should have mentioned that little detail of them choosing a pedo over their own son because they're THAT homophobic.

  3. Almost like, I RSVPd +1, I'm bringing an additional person. Def tried to Gaslight her sister

  4. Lol YTA for forcing the birthday boy not to order a bottle of wine at his own gd birthday dinner, at the very least

  5. Maybe the grandparents had to agree to OPs "rules" or there would be consequences? (involving grandkids perhaps) i don't wanna assume too much but somehow OPs attitude gives off this vibe

  6. She doesn't have kids of her own. She had her husband there as a DD, as responsible drinkers do. She got tipsy, not wasted. She doesn't have to abstain from alcohol because your kids are present. It was her father's birthday celebration, not your personal celebration. Your MIL asked you to stop. Your own husband says you were wrong. YTA.

  7. I thought OP would reveal some drunken antics SIL pulled over the years to justify her asking SIL to not drink, but she just gets tipsy not drunk or blackout drunk, just tipsy.

  8. You literally aided the one person who tormented your child and you wonder why your son doesn't want to be around you?!

  9. Maybe I'm wrong, but OP saw a chance when he saw a single gay man homeless gay person* in his vulnerable point. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  10. Mixed up OP's of posts because I'm spending too much time on this sub.

  11. Main reason why I am using they/them, partner, sibling, etc when addressing people involved. I have terrible memory, not so great attention span which led me to look like an ass whenever I commented.

  12. Hope you enjoy the wedding, matches and India when you visit us. Welcome:)

  13. We've all been there man, but please try not to comment on original post as it could get you banned (they're taking brigading seriously)

  14. INFO: Correct me if I'm wrong, but was your most recent post involved your grandma refusing to talk to you because you bullied your cousin?

  15. Don't you love it that OP is acting like an angel when she is a nasty, nasty person

  16. Yeah, creating new accounts and posts out of her ass just to get sympathy...

  17. Nah, oops own sister plans on making sure she’ll never have the chance to hurt anyone else ever again.

  18. I really like her sister for that. Imagine the hurt and disappointment she must have felt when she saw her own sibling acting this way

  19. That was my thought. All she had to do is wait a couple weeks & shut up, be supportive & this whole situation she hated would disappear. But she was so freaking twitchy she had to throw a marriage-ending tantrum to try to wrap up their relationship faster.

  20. I know I’m gonna get downvoted into oblivion, but it’s really sad that a guy responding this way to an unwanted advance is “doing great”. It should be the bare minimum standard of behavior.

  21. Well when the bare minimum has to be encouraged nowadays because the bar is too low, so don't try nitpicking at these things. If someone applauds good behaviour or just bare minimum expectation, just go with it.

  22. The oldest is 15, so IMO she should know better than "this is how the world works". I know what you're trying to say, but still.

  23. You think that, but we all have some blind spots from our own lives.

  24. It's good. But not like edge of seat. They are just doing fan service for gamers. like dlc with full updated cut scenes.

  25. Yeah, and like they gave the side characters time to shine too, like Sarah and Bill were given much screen time and gave us a slightly (or major depending on perspective) better experience.

  26. Watched till episode 3, haven't played the game.

  27. Episode 4 is like opposite to 3. I laughed till I forgot what episode 4 was about and remembered it and cried some more

  28. Too bad, Indian drama would've stretched it for 100-150 episodes with millions of close-ups

  29. Idk, if she had posted that she comes home at 7, goes for a run, doesn’t put her kids to bed, doesn’t take them to school or the bus, goes out every Saturday night and Sunday for brunch…I think

  30. I don't visit that sub, but most of the subs I visit (offmychest, TOMC, AITA, relationship advice, etc) have people not able to read bw the lines (incl me, I can't even start to think of the "missing missing reasons" until someone points it out).

  31. This is Reddit. There are no positive subs. If there are it's only temporary until they get popular enough. Fuck I've been here too long.

  32. Feared it was so. You can expect a full on asshole subs but not somewhat decent sub.

  33. Thank you for turning me on to my new favorite guilty pleasure sub! Take my orange arrow along with my gratitude!

  34. You forget teens are AHs. So I'm pretty sure there are kids with an attitude that matches or even overtakes this kid's.

  35. NTA. What message would these two young kids get if you ditched them as soon as there's a new baby in the house? You did the right thing here.

  36. Yes, NTA for bringing his children home, but kinda an AH for doing it without a full conversation or compromise.

  37. The obvious compromise here is for them to still take the younger kids but arrange sleepovers for the kids they have fulltime - this way there’s less kids in the house, but the younger kids don’t miss out on time with their father.

  38. Yeah, there must've been many compromises, the only issue here is they didn't bother to discuss them even after the issue presented them.

  39. YTA, provide the food for your own kids. He is there supporting his child even though you don't like him being there.

  40. Or at least offer him the money it would cost for your other children to have food too. If you had an okay divorce he will atleast consider bringing the food for all as it won't trouble him that much.

  41. "One more comment and I'll call my lawyer" doesn't sound like an okay divorce. Op is TA regardless of who the other kids' father is.

  42. Yeah, i went over her comments after I commented here. Seems, they were not together, OP had ex's baby, then slept with his brother to birth the younger siblings.

  43. I’m going to be downvoted for this, but you sound so unappreciative and insufferable. Your title says you sent it back because it was four weeks late, but what you really meant is that he offended you and made the check out to your spouse’s last name instead of your maiden name. Give the elderly folks in your life a break. YTA.

  44. Yeah, definitely NTA! the title had me expecting to vote Y T A but OP is definitely in the right here. I hope you get the job OP!

  45. Doesn't an offer letter actually mean he already got the job? He only has to accept it and sign some papers, right? Or am i missing something

  46. Pretty much yea, OP already has the job. All they have to do is dot the i's and cross the t's and that's that. The job is theirs.

  47. Oh, I'm not losing my mind then. Sometimes I forget the simplest shit and freak out like "why don't i remember/understand it"

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