1. It's disappointing that so many are ready to shut off their brains for a John Wick movie. These used to actually take themselves mostly seriously and what set them apart was the attempt to keep them somewhat grounded.

  2. I thought it was pretty weird that they made such a big deal out of the dog considering attack dogs were already the gimmick in 3. Most of 4 felt like it was just repeating things in the first three.

  3. I'm more interested about the High Table and how they became so powerful and all that. They're literally like the Assassin Illuminati

  4. I was really really hoping the head of the high table would be Hugo Weaving

  5. This Is The End came out in like 2014, which is the last time that they all worked together (that I can remember). I feel like that was a pretty great final movie for the group though. People can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again.

  6. are we sure that's still happening? I googled it and found no updates since November of 2021

  7. Not in this particular thread, but in most threads I've been read, when people keep on repeating it, it feels like they are manifesting it to be a false accusation. Like it is less about justice and more "Women are false accusers until proven otherwise"

  8. I'm not saying he's guilty or innocent, but I think saying "innocent until proven guilty" is more so saying "I don't know what happened, I don't know the evidence, so I won't crucify him yet" which would be a neutral stance.

  9. Why are people so afraid to admit that when someone in a relationship is hospitalized for being strangled and has black eyes and said their much larger, stronger, famous, rich partner did it, the partner probably did it? Why?

  10. I think you're missing my point. My point is that I'm not one of the law enforcement officers, I don't have access to the evidence, and I don't personally know anyone involved.

  11. Posts like these make me realize how much people have and continue to misunderstand The Last of Us.

  12. there was no guarantee they would find a cure though. Ellie could have died for literally nothing

  13. He wasn't even the only dude up there on a cross that day

  14. They don't at all. The GA doesn't even know who the hell James Gunn is.

  15. Eh, as far as directors go, he's pretty famous. The average person off the street might not know him but far more people know him than many other directors.

  16. How can a 12-15 year old get locked up for 18 years.

  17. Jeremy Jahns mentioned the pacing of how things escalated. I finally see after watching. But the movie would have been three hours lol

  18. I was a bit confused by the timeline of the story. Damian went from being poor to having a luxury house and I couldn't tell if events were happening days or months apart. The pacing definitely could have been improved for sure.

  19. That's a plot twist. They probably still had a reason to fire him though.

  20. Roiland would have gotten fired YEARS ago had he been literally any other employee

  21. It begs the question: if superman can dispatch batmans villains so easily why are there even any villains left? If sups is so powerful why aren't all villain instantly brought to justice?

  22. Lol yeah not a huge fan of Ready Player One. It’s definitely Spielberg at his weakest in my opinion.

  23. tbh it felt like he was really desperate to reconnect with younger audiences again but wasn't sure how

  24. I don't think it did start one. Hollywood had already been going in hard on 80's nostalgia by the time it came out.

  25. Until you have the rising tide of a shared universe, non marquee characters just have such a low floor.

  26. Lol the movie doesn’t need a shared universe to do well, it just has to not look like ass

  27. Was it really that much worse than quantumania? That’s all I mean when I say the BO floor is higher when you have a functioning shared universe.

  28. Ant Man had more popular actors in it, that could have made a difference. Paul Rudd is pretty universally liked

  29. I doubt the GA even know about Miller situation tbh,,the biggest influence i think is definetly how packed June is.

  30. Miller has been ALLLLLLL over the news numerous times though. This isn't a case of "this celebrity tweeted something controversial" where only a select few would have heard about it.

  31. no, I actually wanted to like him and the movie, I wouldn't have invested 2 hours if I had already decided I was going to dislike it, that would be stupid. Jesse Eisenberg, for example, is probably my least favorite actor and I typically find him excruciating to watch but I still enjoyed his performance in The Art of Self-Defense.

  32. Jim Carrey in the show “Kidding”. Way too dark for him. It wasn’t a bad show, actually a pretty good show. But it never sat right with me seeing him that way.

  33. really? I loved him in Kidding. I thought he really pulled off playing a Mr. Rogers-type character. I was very bummed when the show got canceled.

  34. Doesn't Nurse Rached interact with every single character? She's their nurse so she pretty much had to.

  35. Maude Apataw I think is already better than her mother Leslie mann. She’s been great in every role so far

  36. what roles has she been great in? I'm curious cause I saw her in Euphoria and thought she was kinda flat

  37. Jerry Stiller is instant comedy in any role.

  38. I honestly think Jerry Stiller might be the most consistently funny comedy actor ever

  39. It also annoyed me how they made a specific point early on that the infected were sort of hive mind connected, but the last two times we have seen them it's been a solitary zombie.

  40. the hivemind thing was a pretty cool and scary idea, not sure why it was abandoned

  41. The number of zombies was kind of hilarious.

  42. lol I liked the show but that's a good point. Did they encounter any threats other than the cannibals in that entire time?

  43. “Us” and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” released in 2019 and both did extremely well. Then of course Covid happened in 2020 and hurt the whole industry financially. Even Marvel took a noticeable hit.

  44. Again, drops in the bucket, not to mention that four of the movies you've referenced are blockbusters in a classic sense (even from a budget standpoint), and three of them are from one incredibly well established filmmaker. People go to see them because they are Nolan films. Do you know how many films are released each year?

  45. People shit on America for not having a deep rooted culture, and though that isn’t exactly true (cajun, creole, native american, western/cowboy, etc), it does provide a great breeding ground for some amazing cultural combinations because of that. It can clearly be seen in our food, slang, music, and media.

  46. anyone that doesn't think America has culture is a blithering idiot. People can shit on America all they want but there’s a ton of cultures throughout the country. Hawaii, Boston, Texas, Philly, New York, New Orleans, and numerous other places have incredibly distinct cultures.

  47. Some of our states are larger than entire countries and are spread out by thousands of miles. There are five different time zones in just the United States alone. So no shit that the culture varies by region lol. Especially when you consider how many people have immigrated here from around the world and brought other cultures with them.

  48. I think the second phase is moreso marked by a changing atmosphere in todays social media “don’t offend anybody” culture. McKay used to make comedies that weren’t afraid to be crude and grotesque to still drive home pretty liberal talking points at times but it was always about the comedy and McKay wasn’t afraid to offend someone with his humor which is what made it truly funny.

  49. what jokes in his early films do you not think would fly today? The guy has always been pretty blatantly liberal and I can't think of any jokes that would be seen as particularly offensive even now

  50. I miss classic Adam McKay a lot. Anchorman, Talladega Nights, Step Brothers, and The Other Guys are endlessly rewatchable.

  51. Some people are fully tone deaf and have no sense of rhythm. Like can't keep a beat if their life depended on it. Yeah, to get to the top half of any industry you need to train and practice your skills, but there needs to be some capacity that's built off of. A tone deaf rhythmless person will never be capable of being a musician. And that's why we have electronic music! (Nah I'm just playing, couldn't resist throwing out a jab though)

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