1. Hold up, you're telling me the CSA knew the voting link was unsecured since last year? Either these are the most incompetent people on the planet or they deliberately kept it this way to benefit the candidates of their choosing.

  2. Either situation suggests that the people in power are not fit for their positions and should not be trusted

  3. When their establishment candidate didn’t win they happened to remember about the major issues with the election… yeah right. They deliberately kept this secret as election insurance, allowing the CSA to void the election if the results were not in the favour of their preferred candidate. Fucked up if you ask me

  4. They can change the outcome. They can effectively ban students from running by having them in a not good standing position with the CSA. Not many people run for CSA positions to begin with. A lot of the times these people run unopposed.

  5. It’s so obvious that’s the plan. Cancel the election because the candidate they like isn’t gonna win, then disqualify everyone else from running again. The current CSA exec is a pathetic group of power hungry losers. They will sell their souls to the devil just to fuck over students they disagree with on a personal level

  6. I saw this post while having a coffee this morning. Thought about it all day. Ended up bringing one home at the end of the day. Now looking online for a nice red dot for it.

  7. Congrats! What caliber? You won’t regret it, these guns are incredible for the price. Recoil is minimal so you can get by with a cheap red dot.

  8. For pure survival I'd go 12g. Handful slugs some birdshot some bugshot and good to go. Heavier than your badger tho haha

  9. Weird, in the past when the bus pass referendum didn't have enough votes they just ran another vote for specifically that. It is a bit odd how they are extending everything this time.

  10. I'm just confused on why people think Adam is the better candidate? Is it just because uofgmemes said so? What has he done on campus? I've literally never heard his name before the election. I'm just really confused and want clarification

  11. I could have sworn in previous elections, past candidates have been posted before. I’m not really what the issue is now… but, also what is stopping any of these accounts from posting whatever they want even if all candidates block them? How can you blame a candidate for someone else’s actions? Make it make sense.

  12. CSA is just upset that their wokie socialist buddies aren’t the ones being endorsed…

  13. What are you shooting this out of? A decent rifle makes a world of difference as well. Also, good scope and bipod help too

  14. I'm running a Ruger American Rimfire bolt-action with a Hawke Vantage 4x12-40. I'm looking into a bipod, just not sure what fits that rifle.

  15. I had an American previously. For decent and cheap, the Cadwell XLA fit nicely…..I then went to a magpul QD sling stud bipod which I prefer immensely

  16. It was, my favourite lane, don’t ask me why…

  17. FD4L says:

    Much appreciated. I have an approximate plan already, my money is just preallocated for the next few months (my house needs a roof and my 15 year old Toyota fj is up for inspection)

  18. Looking forward to seeing you post updates of the build… you’re taking a different direction to me, my gun is too heavy for anything but benchrest long range precision 22 competitions. Will be cool to see another take on the 457 that’s a little more useable. Depending on where you’re located in Canada, Tenda in Ontario is hands down the best store for all things CZ. Also, I’ve found that the best ammo out of these guns hands down is the Eley Tenex lineup. I shoot the Eley team mostly (as the Tenex is just too damn expensive). For hunting, Eley Force 42gr or Aguila Sniper Subsonic 60gr have been excellent.

  19. FD4L says:

    I've ordered from tenda so ill look to them when the time comes. Unfortunately I'm in NS, which is probably the worst provence for firearms, outside of pei. Our local shops are few and far between, and the accessories they carry are as basic as it comes. Everything i own has come from online, with the exception of ammo.

  20. Lol I’ve been contemplating a move to NS/NL in the coming months. I’ve heard the “fun” gun market is about as strong there as it is in china…. at least you guys have puffins (they look fucking delicious) and Stan rogers music going for ya. Guess I’ll have to buy some more guns before moving

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