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German female bully slaps boy because he refused to hit a girl, instantly regrets it by getting punched in the mouth by said boy, seeks angry revenge only to instantly regretting it again by getting thrown on the floor by him

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  1. It's funny, I'm gender queer and shaving my legs is extremely liberating. I learned recently that I've always been uncomfortable about having a lot of body hair and the pushback I get regarding it has been kind of weird. Comments like "but your leg hair was so handsome and thick" are actually physically revolting to me. If I had it my way, my body would be bald minus the head. I'm jealous of my estrogen having friends because eplilating suuuucks, but it makes me feel good about my body. My take is: just own your body for you. If you like hairy, be hairy, etc. Remind yourself that people finding things about your body unattractive is thier problem to sort though. For me, I don't want someone to be with me because of my body hair. That's gross. Find something about my soul you love.

  2. That moan of my whole day is ruined is sadly too relatable.

  3. The small bone that connects the ribs under the center of your chest juts out slightly so my chest doesn't curve in like normal.

  4. 💯 they think “guys are less drama” because they like being the centre of attention and they don’t have to compete with other women in a group full of guys. Also, they don’t try to emotionally relate to women because they only know how to engage with someone they can manipulate with their sexuality.

  5. These are the kind of people who, when I see their yard, I think: "Man, I gotta get to know these people."

  6. That looked reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally cool.

  7. It was the fuckaroundest of times, it was the findoutest of times.

  8. That’s already been a thing for most of my career, sadly. I’ve worked in multiple offices under many managers in multiple states and it’s been common in all of them to see people brag about how little PTO they take, how they haven’t been on a real vacation in 10 years, and how they are willing to come in sick because deadlines are more important than their physical comfort (never mind the contagion).

  9. This reminds me of those articles you read about the last wishes of the dying, where they ask people on their death bed what they would have done differently or what they regret in life. Not one of them is "I wish I would have made more money" or "I wish I would have worked more" - it is routinely "I wish I would have spent more time with my family", "I wish I would have persued my hobbies more", etc. These people who are so quick to brag about how much of their life they've given away will ultimately regret it. Life is for living, not working.

  10. It's weird to see this when in Worlds there were many good builds that considered having decorations / skill perks to get full health essential. I don't know why spirit birds exist but to otherwise justify the cool factor of the wirebug and encourage people to explore the map a bit prior to a fight. The frustrating part is that you don't get an either/or choice. You either collect birds or deal and that doesn't feel great.

  11. Shit girl where'd you get that dress? It's amazing!

  12. I'll be in the boy wife kitchen if you need me.

  13. I'm ngl I think this is a "post sex question that blows up, and people click profile to advertise only fans" style post

  14. Well now I have to start checking profiles. THANKS.

  15. They try all kinds of wackadoo stuff to treat tinnitus when there was nothing FDA approved beforehand. No sense in thinking your doc wouldn't try you on a round if your suffering when it comes out. Stay safe friends, help is coming!

  16. Good choice of case - got the same one sitting in my office.

  17. "I've endured physical abuse and was conditioned to accept it as normal! Hahaha!"

  18. I like how a bunch of boomers are able to personally identify with a collection of stubby squeeking idiots.

  19. Yes, allow me to deeply respect and value you.

  20. Quality meme! Thank you for making this, I love this album!

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